Friends We Miss

This page is dedicated to the memory of.
Dear friends and relatives, who are sadly no longer with us.


Very very sad news,
On Thursday April 23rd 2020
The love of my life
and of our families,
Jack O Wade
passed away of natural causes
May he rest in peace.

Gary T Fish

 Gary Fish
sadly passed away, on Saturday, February 8 2020
Our thoughts and prayers are with Marion and the family.

I received very sad news from my friend Corrina,
 her beloved husband 
Len Harvey
suddenly passed away 
on Monday August 6th 2018.
our deepest sympathy to the family.

                                                   Barney Howell has informed me that,
                                                                       Bill Castle,
                                                         one of your old buddies
                                                      Sadly passed away in 2016
                                              our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Very sad news to all of his dear friends and colleagues,
Charles [Chuck ] York


sadly passed away on January 22 2017,
in Abilene Texas,     
Our deepest sympathy and condolences to his wife,
Dawn [ Wiggins ] York, his daughters and their families.

Graham Joyce, has informed me that, our dear friend,
His loving wife,
Yvonne Joyce
sadly passed away on March 1st 2016..
Condolences to Graham and their 3 children.

Cheryl Lycett has informed me that her dad,
Richard Wagner..
sadly, passed away, in October 2015,
now at peace, with her mum
Stella [ Cooper ] Wagner

Bob and Dianne King, informed me that,
William [ Bill ] Faulkner
passed away on February 15th, 2015,
at the age of 72 in Highland California.
He was an A.P. at Chelveston
He leaves behind his wife Mary,
3 children and grandchildren.
condolences to his family.

I have received very sad news
about a dear friend of many of you.
Margaret [ Hullatt ] Sampson
passed away on
Friday August 1st 2014
in Brooksville Florida,
now reunited with her loving Sam.

I received an e-mail from Donald Updegraff
informing me that his wife
Doreen ( Coleman ) Updegraff
had sadly passed away
February 15th 2013
after a lengthy fight with blood clots
our condolences to Don and their family.

Joan Watts
was well known with the gals at
Chapmans on Cromwell Road. She gave of herself selflessly
when others needed her. She was a character and had a
personality everyone loved. She had one daughter.

I recently received the very sad news that my cousin

Arnold Burden


passed away on July 28th.

Condolences to his wife Joan and their family, also to his sisters, Doreeen in Rushden and Margaret [Burden] Lett of Tennessee.

On October 20th 2012, very suddenly
Stephen Ambre
passed away in Las Vegas.
He was the eldest son of the late Sheila and Rick Ambre.

On November 1st 2012 a friend
Alan Parnell
passed away in Rushden.
Many of you knew him as the custodian at Chelveston school.

I received some very sad news,
on Thursday November 15th 2012
Phyllis [ Taylor ] Scheffel

passed away in South Carolina, she was originally from Raunds.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Bill and their family.

Brenda [ Rawlins ] Felce informs me that sadly

Meryl [ Star ] Ambridge

passed away peacefully at home on December 6th 2011

our condolences to her family and friends.

I received an e-mail informing me that

Glenn Fish


passed away July 1st 2011 at his home in Columbus, Ohio our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Sad news from Gary Fish informing us that,

George O’Connor

passed away in June 2011 after a lengthy illness Our deep condolences to his wife Joyce and the family.

I have sadly received the following message.

To all interested friends in GB and USA

Marian [ Safford ] Mosbymarian1

died at her home on January 22nd., 2011 Emphysema, aggravated by breast cancer was more than her body could stand. I and all the children were present Thanks to Hospice for their assistance, Jerry O Mosby, Indiana.

Our deep condolences to Jerry and her family.

Marge Wood informs me that her dear sister

Eileen [ Wood ] Bailey


sadly passed away October 3 2010

Our condolances to her family and especially to her mum.

Jeff Bounds has informed me of the loss of two of his service buddies

Roger Aaker passed away on June 2 2010

Henry Church also in June,

Condolences to both families.

Sad news for all his friends stationed at Chelveston,

Ron Kaufman


passed away on Monday August 17th 2009

Our thought and prayers are with Jill and the family.

Bill Scheffel has informed me that an old friend of many of you guys,

Jack Riffe


sadly passed away Thursday December 11th 2008 Our deepest condolences to Anne and his family.

We recently received the very sad news that a dear friend of many of the G.I’s stationed at Chelveston who was in the A / P Squadron had passed away on October 6th 2008

Robert [ Bobby ] Lee


We all send our deepest sympathy to Peggy. and their family members.


Hank Howard has informed me that. his longtime friend,

Brenda Hull


sister of Peggy [ Hull ] Lee.. from Burton Latimer, has passed away. Our condolences to Peggy and family.

A message from Eileen Wood, informing us that Meryl Starr’s husband.

Dick Ambridge

passed away in June 2008 from all of us who know Meryl, our thought are with the family.

A very good friend of mine and of many of those who visit the site,

Jill Stella [ Cooper ] Wagner


sadly passed away on.. Monday January 14th 2008 in Fayetteville North Carolina, after a long, bravely fought illness. Our love is with Richard, Vince, Gene, Cheryl and their families. Stella lifted the spirits of those who knew her with her happy disposition she also contributed much to the site. she will be dearly missed by all who knew her.

From Hank Howard.. I recently received the obituary of

Walter [ Wally ] Pariseau

A firefighter at RAF Chelveston 1958 to 1962 After a battle with cancer, he succumbed to the disease on November 17th 2006 He was married to the former Marlene White, of Rushden. They were married at Park road Baptist Church and had two children Darryl and Debbie On behalf of his former mates and friends, deepest condolences to the family. Wally will be remembered for his contributions and accomplishments. while serving in the USAF

From Richard Hutchins
My uncle recently died and I thought it may be of interest
to some of his friends from Chelveston.

Douglas L Harvey.

passed away on Sunday October 15th 2006, in New Smyrna Beach Florida..
In 1960, he retired from the Air Force as a major,
returned to this area.. from where he was based in Chelveston, England,
In 1964, he moved back to Northampton, England,
where he met his wife Jillian and lived for another 17 years.
Mr. Harvey loved automobile racing. A member of the British Stock Car Racing Association,
he won the British stock car championship in 1960 at Tamworth
and received the Autumn Cup Trophy. He lived life to its fullest.

I received the very sad news, that my best friend of many years.

Sheila [ Turiccki ] Ambre


passed away in Las Vegas Nevada.. on Monday September 25th 2006

At peace now with her loving Rick, Our thoughts are with, Karal, Stephen and Richard and her grandchildren.

From Joan [Loveday ] Beard I have received sad news that,

Pat Alderman


passed away in Spain, on Sunday September 24th 2006

Our sympathy to her brother, Roger.

From Bill Newell, My dear wife

Amy [ Brawn ] Newell


passed away suddenly on Tuesday April 25th after a short illness

our thought are with Bill and his family.

From Gill Ward I thought I’d let any of his friends know that,

Herve Pepin

[ captain of the softball team 1961 – 1962 ] passed away in June 2005, his wife Flo informed me.

From Jim Hall Does anyone remember ” Bull Durham ” he was a warrant officer over the maintenance troops..

Meredith Durham

born January 12th 1917 passed away, May 10th 2001 in Fort Walton beach, Florida.

Wanted to let anyone who knew my dad,

Wayne Wojewoda


know that he passed away on March 28th 2006 in Bradenton, Florida, after a sudden heart attack

From Eileen [ Wood ] Bailey This is to inform any of you who knew

Rose [ Wallis ] Weber

while at North End School That she sadly passed away on

December 25th 2004

From Joan [ Loveday ] Beard

I just wanted to let you know that my sister,

Pamela [ Loveday ] Render

passed away on Wednesday July 14th 2004

She fought breast cancer for 17 years and never complained. Everyone loved her, she was so good to everyone and always put other peoples troubles ahead of herself.

On March 18th 2004 in Goodlettsville Tennnessee

James D. Lett


Loving husband of Margaret [ Burden ] Lett

Our thoughts are with Margaret and his little Yorkie buddy. ‘Alfie’ James was dearly loved by all who knew him. He had a smile for everyone and, My fondest memories, the “robins” and
‘ Hey cuz’

From Bobby James

Bobby L. James Sr.,

passed away on Friday March 5th 2004.. in Macon Georgia. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Marilyn and his children, his mother Sarah and family members and friends. Bobby was an Air policeman at Chelveston.

Albert L. Wise Sr


our deepest sympathy to Al’s family and friends,

From Hank Howard, November 5th 2003

Some of you may remember T/Sgt Al Wise. The fire chief at Chelveston and his wife Millie, It is my sad duty to advise you that Millie passed away on October 31st 2003 From an extended illness and stroke attacks. I spoke today with Chief Wise in Ogden Utah and expressed our sympathy, They have 5 children, four girls and a son. They lived in the former officers club in Yeldon for over three years, Millie was a mom to many of the fire guys in those days and we will miss her.

Richard [ Rick ] Ambre


passed away on December 20th 2003. in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m sure the guys from the Chelveston fire department remember him fondly. Jack and I had known him for over 40 years as a very dear friend and send our love, and deepest condolences, to his loving wife Sheila, and children, Stephen, Karal, Richard and their families.

Clayton [ Sam ] Sampson


passed away suddenlly, on May 18th 2003 in Florida, our deepest sympathy goes out to Margaret [ Hulatt ] Sampson, their children and grandchildren, our prayers and thoughts are with you all.

Hello everyone, thank you for your cards and flowers,
Sam, was liked by everyone but I tell you, hug the one you love
I think he would have been proud21 gun salute, and Military Honors.
Thank you all, Margaret.

Hank Howard has informed me that,

Donald Wilson

passed away on April 18th 2003 in Lewiston Maine. Hank notes, “He was a good fireman and friend of all” [our condolences to his family and friends.

Several people have mentioned to me in their e-mails

Kenny Whiting, I’m sure most of us remember him…. no matter what time of day we would see him around town, usually somewhere on Rushden high street, he eventually married, then later moved to Wellingborough and has recently passed away.

From Paul West, Kansas City
I’m sad to hear the news of Kenny Whiting passing away.
I knew him well during the 60’s through 80’s, a nice bloke, always cheerful
I think he lived on Crabb St., when I lived there in the 60’s.

Buck Rogers.. informed me that,

Tom Bond

passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly.

[our condolences to his wife Joyce and family]

Airman Johnnie Wood.
A / P Squadron at Chelveston, from Oklahomavin

passed away, October 31st, 1989 pictured with his son Vince.

This is a list of some other people I am aware of,
who we knew in the old days, but have since passed on.

Joyce Chettle, Pam Murrell, Maisie Blenco, Brenda White,
Enid Thacker, Cliff Peck, Terry Ekins, Valerie Dorks,
Jean Glenn, Phylis Rooney, Trevor Flowers, Russell Harrell,
Larry Patterson, Leslie Cumberpatch, Keith Dodd, Colin Bryant,