Friends and family members

Messages I’ve received from the families and friends of locals,
or GI’s who were stationed at Chelveston.

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Beverley Haynes
 My dad was at Chelveston in ’58 – ’60, Rick Hall from Indiana,
       Sadly he passed away in 2010
Enjoyed your site and even found Eldon Rawald… my husbands father We are U. S. A. F. in Germany.and it is nice to see the American Pride of your web site.

Jerri Ann Helfenstine
My mom turns 75 on October 18th, she was Margaret Georgina Rose Haselip, she married Jerral Gordon. I am putting together a book which represents her life. She was born in Rushden and moved to Weldon when she was 4. She moved to Texas in 1956 with her GI husband and is still there Although England is where her heart remains.. If anyone remembers her please e-mail me so I can add it to my book I am also looking for memorabilia from Rushden and have only found a plastic key chain on e-bay, if anyone would be willing to send a map a postcard or photo I would be forever grateful, if anyone needs anything from Wisconsin or Texas I would be happy to return the favour.

Lt., Col., Don Walker
I’m an active duty A. F. Officer, my father worked at the base photo lab at Chelveston around 1955 – 58.. His name was S/Sgt Gerald D ” GD ” Walker. he passed away in 2001. His new bride, my mother is still with us, my oldest brother was born there. I have a lot of slides, of my dads, from those years and was wondering if anyone knows if they can be digitally converted. I have perhaps several hundred slides. Cheers

Margaret [ Ashline ] Rioux
My dad was William Ashline I recently discovered this site and was curious about the town. since I knew my dad was stationed there during the ’50′s. I was amazed to see him on the site.. pictured with Jack Riffe and another guy.. I actually have that picture as well as many others. that my dad gave me years ago. My father died about eight years ago. he spoke of many good times in Rushden, in fact when he retired from teaching.. he moved to England and lived there for eight years, before moving back to the US. My sister and I are hoping to hear more about him and what he was like as a young man. Any stories, memories? We are very interested if anyone remembers him. Thanks

Don Richards
My dad was stationed at Chelveston 1959 – 1961 His name was also Donald Richards. He was transferred there from Germany, he was a crew chief on RB66”s he also coached the little league baseball team.. He passed away about 4 years ago in Fort Walton beach Florida. Where my mom still lives, I live in Phoenix. I was only 10 – 11 years old, but our family still talks about Chelveston. I have been back to London many times, but not yet got back to Chelveston. My mom is still in good health and anxious to hear from old friends.. some of our friends were, Cooper, Hargrove, Marowitz, Shaddox, Hurd and Skeen.

Matt Munro
I’m totally blown away! So many memories. My father Jim Munro was stationed at Alconbury from 1973 – 79,and we lived at Chelveston. Man. what a rush! I can name just about half the kids from the 1978 – 79 photo. Anyway, I can’t thank you enough for putting together this web site. Wait ’till my kids see this. Please send me an e-mail if you lived in Chelveston during the seventies, I’d love to hear from you.

Sheila Patterson
We were stationed at RAF Chelveston… with the 42nd TRS… from 1959 – 1961. My husband Preston [ Pat ] Patterson was a B66 gunner. With our son Phillip… we lived in Finedon. Our home was an a building built in 1640. that was previously a pub. If anyone remembers.. a white 4 door Oldsmobile ‘ 98. that was us. Since 1964 we have lived in Oklahoma where we grew up.

Joseph Hutchins
I lived in Rushden for a few years in the 60s. when I was a child.. My father Al Hutchins. was stationed at Chelveston in the 50s and 60s. He married a local gal. Mavis Truett. My uncle Peter Truett. also worked at the base in the 50s.

Shreyll Allen
My dad. Bonnie Allen. [ big Al ] was stationed at Chelveston from 1977 – 81 In LGX. he worked in the Airman’s club as a chef He passed away in 2003 Friends of his were Ollie and Calvester Carter. I remember Mr Parnell, the Chelveston school custodian. He would take us all to the fenced area behind the houses. and tell us the history of the war.. How he was in a camp.. and how he lost his leg that one of his relatives was still missing.. It was a history lesson I will never forget He was my favourite person along with Mrs Young. they helped me get over my shyness. I am so glad I found this site. I was in the 6th grade class picture shown on this site. and need to get in contact with my friends Holly, Adrian, Abe Hill, Craig, Paula Burgess, etc. Anyone knows? give me a holler

Francis J Wilkerson Maj. USA Ret
My father is LTC Steve Wilkerson He commanded RAF Chelveston 42nd TRS in the early 60s.. I have many fond memories of the area.. Yeldon etc I remember riding my pony. Roger. from the vicarage. through the back gate.. crossing the highway.. to get to the little league baseball field.. A sad note.. my little brother Billy.. crossed the runway. to get to the quarters. right after the RB66 crashed.. piloted by Cpt. Jones.. Lots of memories Cheers.

Stephanie Oakes
Spokane Washington.
Thank you so much for having so many great pictures of Rushden on your website. I have a friend who lived in Rushden a few years ago. I can tell she misses it.. so I wanted to make her a scrapbook of pictures of her old town I couldn’t find any on the internet until I came to your website. I know she will love your pictures and will be happy to remember her beloved Rushden.

Tammi Coleman Poston
I would like to know if anyone knew my mother. She lived in Rushden.. when she was married in April 1960. Her maiden name was. Dawn Liggins. Her sister Sharron [ Liggins ] Smart is still in Chelveston. Would like to hear from anyone who might have known her She passed away in 1977. Thanks.

Paul T. Slocum
My father.. P. T. Slocum.. was stationed at Chelveston.. from 1958 – 1960.. A/P squad., Married June Chalmers. from the Wymington area. For the past 43 years. they have lived in the small town of Deville.

John Cass
Great website. I was a young Air Force brat when I lived at Chelveston and went to the fourth thru sixth grades at Molesworth. My father was M/Sgt Bobby Cass.. I believe NCOIC of maintenance control at Chelveston 1959 – 1962 Happy you could use the photo of Chelveston crescent… we were among the first families to move into the base housing… I want to say that I really appreciate the website, brings back fond memories, thanks

Craig Cowan. RN
How exciting it was for me to find your site. My family and I were assigned to Chelveston at the same time as you I remember well. hanging out with Austin and Kevin. [aka JD if I remember right ] We lived in 728 -D.. I was lucky enough to go to elementary school there in 75 and 76 and to Alconbury for 7th grade in 1977 I love your site and will try to send you any pic’s I may have from my time there.

Sheryl Rhoades
[ Illinois]
I left Rushden many, many years ago, when I was 9 years old. some 44 years ago My father Herley Perkinson.. was stationed at Chelveston. I was very young but I remember going to school in the village for over a year until everyone thought I was a little English girl.. My mom put me in an American school before we went back to the states I remember a lot of really fun times living there. I can’t remember the name of the street we lived on.. but it was a row house… with beautiful stain glass in the front door and wonderful gardens in the back.. Our landlady was Mrs Pack.. she must have been over 80 then. She lived downstairs and we lived up.. until she moved to the country and gave us the whole house I know there was a pretty steep hill just down from the house it was great for skates or bikes I live in Swansea now I am a widow. I have two grown married daughters and 5 grandchildren. But I remember my time spent in Rushden and England with great affection.. and really wish I could go back. It was so neat to find this site and share it with my daughters and grandchildren.

W. C. Choate
I had a friend, Tyre Weaver Who flew out of there in second world war. He died last year. He had his right arm shot off over Germany was put in a chute and thrown from the plane so the Germans could save his life.. They did and he live 57 more years [W.C. is a boyhood friend of Jeff Bounds they lost touch for over 50 years then renewed their friendship. He wanted to see what Chelveston looked like as Jeff had told him he had been stationed there. thanks for stopping by. ( Jeff informs me that W.C. recently passed away. our condolences )

Carlyn McCabe Clark
My uncle was Reynolds McCabe. I was 5 years old when he died. It is a tragedy that has stayed with our family to this dfay. While it’s difficult to read the words and see the pictures it is helpful to know more about what actually happened. Thank you to all who have posted.

Richard Quina
Captain (at the time), James E Tutt, my father, flew RB-66 for several years, earned more than 10,000 hours piloting one. We lived at Chelveston AFB from the summer of 1961 until it closed in 1962. We then transferred to Toul – Rosiers AFB in France. Anyone out there remember my dad? Becky Tutt

Lisa Marker
My dad was stationed at Chelveston in the mid to late “50′s. His name was William Leroy Marker ( he went by Bill ) He and my mother were in England in the mid fifties and I know that Chelveston was one of the bases where he was stationed. He took a lot of slides and of course I don’t know who is on them other than my parents. It does look like the parties were fun. I will post some of the photo’s if there is any interest.

Lynda [Peck] Marshall
[ East Texas ]
I was a young American bride back in June “55, married to A/1C Clifford Peck he was on T.D.Y. with the 7523rd Supt.,Sqdn.., from RAF Cranage to Chelveston until the fall of ’55 we lived in Kettering It’s a beautiful country and was quite an adventure for this little naive gal. Anybody around out there from those years. [read Lynda’s story]