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Here are some messages from friends who live in England.

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Martin Brawn

Hello, I’m the son of Amy Brawn and the stepson of Owen Newell
who are sadly no longer with us. They introduced me to this site shortly
before my mum died in 2006. They loved looking on here to find old friends, if anyone would like to contact me about them please do.

Corrina [ Wills ] Harvey

Hi, I have known Joyce for many years, so delighted to find the web site. I wondered if any friends I had at Alfred St., school remember me. My single name
was  Corrina Wills and I still live in Rushden. I was at school there from 1959 to ’62,
Also does anyone remember my brother, Paul Wills, who died in 1954 aged 15 years. I have flashbacks of my lovely brother and would appreciate hearing from anyone who knew him, Thanks.

Sharon Fisher

I left a message on your message board a couple of years ago, I have only just now noticed your list of G I’s who were stationed there. but could not see my father’s name. His name is Walt Haynes, he was based at Chelveston approx., 1955 – 57 and he was a pitcher for the baseball team. “The Chelveston Cowboys”, in 1956.There were in fact 4 articles written about him in The Stars and Stripes On looking at the list I only came across a Jim Haynes, apparently my father who was on the flightline. I was informed of this by a gentleman, Pete Schuster who was radio relay 605 Communication Sqdn., who is also not on the list. My mum also worked on the base as a cashier. Her name was Shirley Morse.

Brenda Felce

They have reopened the Windmill club, membership is 18 pounds and they are hoping to get the snooker tournaments back upstairs. Guess we all remember it as all the big bands went there on Saturday night, no big bands there now.

Anthony Bathurst

Hi, Allan Bathurst was my father, who ran a small local dance band for about 30 years. He started in the late 30′s and carried on until the late 60′s. He fronted Glenn Millers band at Chelveston one night in WW2 and was a regular at the officers mess at Melchbourne Hall along with many gigs in the Rushden area.I would be very interested in anybodys memories,, photo’s etc., thanks telephone 01933316314. Thank you..

Brenda [ Rawlins ] Felce

Hello all, had a wonderful time at the school reunion, met so many old friends. Anyone who remembers me, or my sisters, Pam or Janet Please get in touch, would love to hear from you.

Janet [ Bayes ] Pinnock

I would like to contact all past pupils of Rushden Girl’s School from 1949 to 1955 as I am in the process of putting together Book II about the school. I had published in 2006 Book I.. Which I called.. ‘ Muriel’s Girls.. A Time Remembered ‘ which covered the years 1955 – 1958. It was so successful that I have now hit on the idea of ‘ Muriel’s Girls.. Where are They now ‘ I am the sister of Dana and Sam Bayes of Harborough road. Dad being the local undertaker. [ now deceased ] If you were at the school during the time, would you let me have a brief history of your life since your schooldays, with photo’s if possible. I realize that photo’s were in short supply then, indeed, you were deemed well off if you had a camera, but there were always ones printed in the ET or Echo and Argus that you could get copies of.. Please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you all. those abroard as well as in England. Thanks.

David Seabrook

I have just come across your site.. I used to go to RAF Chelveston way back in the late ’50′s early ’60′s.. I knew many servicemen statrioned there, also at Lakenheath / Alconbury. through their clay shooting clubs. I am still in touch with Vince LaGrone and Barney Howell. Great site, enjoyed looking back. it brought back memories of many happy hours we spent there and down the old West End club. Keep up the good work.

Rita [ Harbour ] Hardman

Just logged on to your web site. it’s great!. Lots of memories and names from the past.. Does anyone know where Dora Tyler is living ?. I have two grown children and live in Lancashire now. It would be nice to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Valerie [ Oatridge ] Simpson

Just found your web site and think it’s great. My mother and father ran the Queen Victoria Hotel, from about 1957 to 1972 I was bought up there from the age of 10. sadly they have now passed on.. Their names were Bill and Mabel Oatridge, I have wonderful memories of the hotel. I went to Alfred Street school, then on to Hayway. I now live in Higham.. I am sorry to say the hotel is no more, it is being turned into apartments. I suppose a sign of the times, at least the wonderful old building is being put to use.

Bill Newell

Have looked at your site. think it’s great, lots of old faces I remember. I used to drive a taxi for Sandy Storey, and wondered if anyone remembers The Wrighton’s, or Pop Collins. Keep up the good work.

Carolyn [ Muncey ] Hill

I used to live at 6, Oval Crescent.. and still live and work in Rushden. Would like to talk to others in America. to tell them about Rushden, as it is now.

Left in 1965.. moved to Blackburn. regulars to the Windmill club and the Green Dragon. related to the Roache family. Thanks.

Jean [ Dunmore ] Grant

Moved from Rushden1966.. spent 6 years in Corby, but now back in Higham. Only just found this web site, nice to see some faces from the past.

Peter Windram

I Was born in 1939. I still live in Rushden, I recognized quite a few names on the site. Went to Alfred Street School. Helped to form the Sapphires rock and roll band along with Tony Woodward, in 1955, used to play at the Band Club, West End Club.. and was a general troublemaker.. does anyone remember me.

Val Maycock

I still live in Irchester. where I went to school with a few of the girls on the site. I wish all of you good luck in renewing old times.

Graham Abbott

I live in Avenue Road in Rushden. I have a long interest in aviation and worked at Thurleigh for 15 years. [ now Luton airport ] I have done some research regarding the 1962 air show.. I am interested in the photo of the main gate.. and the Vulcan and Valiant aircraft shown on your site. In due course I will send you the photo I have of the air show and try to copy the advance brochure [ crude by today’s standards of course ] Some of your American visitors may be interested in the list of participants and some of their fates.

Rosina [ Rosie ] Greaves

rosbutt@btopenworld .com

What an interesting site. I lived in Rushden from 1952 – 54. I went to Tennyson road infants school.. and Southend Primary The only friends name I can remember was Josie Knight She lived in Glassbrook road, the same as me I now live in Sussex.

Dennis Pell

I started work at the base at the second rebuild 1953 finishing my working life November 1992. I was employed by the British government. [ Electrician ] working until 1992 at Chelveston. Alconbury. and Molesworth. My wife Hilda. was also employed by the British government. working in dependents schools DODDS.

Ken Haverson

Worked with my parents at Chelveston from 1953 – 1963. in the civilian snack bar. Anyone remember!! still living in Rushden.

Richard Capon

I was over by the old Chelveston airbase last Saturday.[ 13th Nov ]
Haven’t been there for many years. but grew up in Higham Ferrers. My main memory of the base was an annual visit for several years on July 4th. I remember particularly when there was a small funfair. and I saw a wall of death display for the first time.that must have been about 1956 Why was I taken to the fun day at the air base. well. I was born on the 4th of July so it became a birthday treat.

Margaret [Goodwin ] Biggs

Born in Rushden in 1928. Happy memories of school life. Recall stray bomber raid. then a pupil at Intermediate school Hayway. Left the area during mid to latter part of the war to reside in rural Hertfordshire. Excellent site.

Cynthia [ Watts ] Brown

I married a G.I. stationed at Chelveston in 1968 We moved to Mobile Alabama the same year. I returned to England when the marriage broke down in 1975. It would be nice to hear from anyone who remembers me. The site is excellent.

Anne Turner

Thank you for the website It really is a great one.. bringing back many memories. In fact more than that. I found my old boy friend was on here John E Eckersley. I have emailed him and since spoken with him… Thank you for all the joy that you are bringing to me and to others. They were certainly good days at Chelveston – unforgettable.

Mary [ Smith ] Brooke

Have to say how much I enjoyed your site.Brought back so many memories. Ramey Denton?. I’d almost forgotten about him. Most people don’t normally remember me. but know my brother Bruce – drummer in The Sapphires. every Tuesday night at the Band club. Teen beat at the old Royal Theatre on Saturday afternoons. I now live in Lincolnshire. Oh sweet memories.. Love to hear from anyone who remembers little old me..

Janet (Bayes ) Pinnock

Chelveston AFB ceremonies and commemorations. I thought this would be of interest to the Americans stationed at Chelveston who visit your website. I have been a town councilor since the inception of a town council in 2000, and was heavily involved in 2005 (I was the Chairman of the committee) in the town’s celebrations to commemorate the ending of WWII 60 years ago. You probably know that Rushden now has a by-pass road, skirting around Rushden and Higham Ferrers. It starts at Irthlingborough Chown’s Mill and ends in Bedford Road (opposite the ‘old’ wood yard). The town thought it would be a nice gesture to name the road” Liberty Way”, in honour of the American service personnel who aided the Rushden area during the war. Also to those who never returned, so this memorial was erected on the road. as a thank you from the townspeople of Rushden. It was a lovely occasion (scorching hot day) held in the Hall Park, involving the US honour guard from Alconbury culminating in a united church service. Several veterans attended from both America and Rushden and the release of 60 doves at the end. It was quite a tear-jerker day, but one we will all talk about for many years to come. Janet [ Bayes ] Pinnock ( photo’s on the Chelveston page )

Mick Edwards

Brings back memories. the zoo as a child. first date there at twelve.
Went Westfield boys school. left 71 – 72 love to hear from old associates!.

Sue Lee

My dad. Walter Lee lived in Tennyson road. until marrying in 1944.

Marcus Wood
just came across your site. and was surprised to see. 4, Oval crescent on here you must know my grandad and grandma they lived at # 5, Fred and Flossie Wood. I have lived in Rushden all my life I’m 28 now it’s really nice to see some old pictures. crazy I know but I miss my school since they have built houses on it.

Martyn Newman

I like your site. I like looking at photo’s of the places I live. but from years ago. I have lived in Rushden nearly all my life. [ I am 15 ] I lived in Birch road. Coronation Ave., Queen street and now Trafford road. I go to Wollaston school

Kevin Spring

I enjoyed your site. I do like looking at old pic’s of Rushden. I live in Oakley road and told the owner of No 7..his house is on the web. He was surprised [ but pleased ] as he has lived there for about 30 years.

Lynn and Chris Bean

Just looked at your web site. great! I am an American and husband is British.. We are thinking of moving to the Raunds area. and would like some info.. I am no longer affiliated with the military.

Margaret [ Foreman ] Cave

Have visited the Rushden site for the first time today 10/ 10 / 02. There are a few names I know. I was at North End school. between 1954 – 1958. I think!! I am one of the boring ones. I still live in Rushden. am married to Roy Cave. and have 2 sons. 4 grandchildren. Roy and I both play bowls at the Rushden Town outdoor and indoor bowling club. The e-mail address is a work one, but I can receive messages on it. I will be buying a comp next year. when I retire. Hooray!.

Gillian [ Barker ] Ward

Discovered your web page, really impressed Nice to remember names and faces. I am Mavis Wards sister – in – law and looking forward. to her visit in May with husband Al. Any school friends out there remember me? Married Cliff Ward, have 2 children one grandchild, lived in Rushden all my life. My best friend was Jill Davison who moved to New Zealand – I write to her regularly.

Beth Guyver

Hi, I was told by Joan Peterson to look at your site and I’m glad I did It is great. I visit the area 2 or 3 times a year. I go to the church and say a prayer for those who did not return from their mission in WW11 and then have a pint for them. at the Star and Garter. Does anyone who was at Chelveston during Oct / Nov 1944 remember a David Greene. I think from Pittsburgh?. Someone said he may have returned after the war because he liked the area so much. Can’t find out what happened to him.

Johanne [ Guilford ] Sollis

II lived in Rushden from 1952 to 1977 when I left Chichele girls school. and came to work in Goucestershire. My father was the manager.. at ” Kettering tyres” in Newton road for many years, people knew him as “Tiny” I have just seen the photo of the Nags Head at Hargrave. my great – grandmother was the landlady before and during the war. Ivy Briggs.. her son Ted and his wife Ada moved into the new house in Nags head lane when they were built in 1937, he passed away last year still living in the same house. My mother Mavis Briggs. was born in 1940. it would be lovely to hear from anyone that might have known her.

Verna [Crossley] Turner

Hi there, just discovered you on the internet. I’m still married to Dave Turner have 2 daughters. I work at Yorks travel. just back from Florida. off to Nashville in April for my big 60. I saw Gill York last year. she is fine.

Iliffe family

Do you remember Iliffe’s Pork Butchers in Church Street Rushden?..
3 brothers, Howard, Ron & Cliff and two sisters, Joan and Peg lived there. Howard married a Rushden girl named Margaret Whittington.. funeral director’s daughter 1941. Cliff married Eileen Smith who went to Rushden intermediate school and left in 1936/7. Ron married a Finedon girl. Howard & Margaret and Cliff & Eileen and still living locally. with their children and grandchildren near.

Jak Richardson

Hello, glad you liked my site about Finedon at war. Your site is great, I like the pics of the base as it was. Had some good nights at the officers club dances. But I also remember a great deal about the war and crippled fortresses returning home after their missions.

Mick Lawrence

I was born in Rushden, Spencer Rd., in 1947, attended Alfred St., infants and junior schools and then Tennyson Rd., Sec Mod. I left the area in 1961. I still have lots of relatives up there and would be very interested in contacting old friends who may still be living in the area. If anyone recognizes me please e-mail me.

Dave Page

I believe my grandparents [David and Betty Smith] used to have a shop in Rushden somewhere. As far as I remember it was sold in the late 80s early 90s and is now a private residence. I believe that they were both involved with the licensed victuallers association, in the 60s and 70s. If anyone remembers them or the shop, drop me a line and say hello!

Andrew Garley

Great to see Rushden getting bigger on the www. very good site, well programmed, nicely laid out. [rhts webmaster].

Gary Sassano

My father from Brooklyn U.S.A. was stationed 52-55ish.. ended up living in Rushden permanently… I am interested in the period of the U.S. Army Engineers doing runway construction

Michael Batchelor

Hi, my name is Mike I am 15 years old and live in Raunds. My family are relatives to Marion and Gary Fish who are mentioned on this site, they are coming to visit us in a couple of weeks. .On the Hargrave pub photo the two women wearing blue are my nan and mother, if you did not notice the woman at the front is Marion Fish.

Stephen Sawinski

I was only very young in the 50s and 60s and still live in Rushden… Keep up the good work.

Pete Smith

Now living in, Oxford. Found the site by chance really and have now book marked it – so keep up the good work and develop it. I lived in Caldecott, down the road from the base, in the 70s and went to Wellingborough Grammar school. I knew Rushden well of course, both from having to pass through it twice a day too and from school, but also where I misspent my youth, working in the Compasses, on a milk round for Northern dairies, in Fine Fare. I’d love to hear from anyone who was at Welly Grammar from 67 to 74, during the “Harry Wrenn” days.

Bryan Spink
Hi!, Nice to see the picture of Arbuckles on your site. I’ve been the manager there for the last ten months. I’d love to be able to get hold of pictures of the place before it was Arbuckles, [The Railway], do you know of any ?.

John and Joyce Robinson

I have paid a brief visit to your excellent website.. after it was recommended to me by my cousin David Nichols who lives in Adelaide, South Australia. We have lived in Rushden all our lives and will return to your pages again and read them with great interest. Best wishes to you.

Marjy [Butler] and Pete Britton

Just looked at the site, good to see the old faces. I knew most of the girls, so may be able to come up with some of their names.

Karl Britton

Hi Joyce, mum told me to take a look. not bad at all. should look pretty good when it’s fully complete, well done. I now live in Havant, [near Portsmouth] Why don’t you write to the Evening Telegraph, telling them about it. you never know they might feature it and the number of people will increase if you add a counter to your main page. Just some ideas, keep up the good work on a fantastic idea, bye for now, Karl.

Alan Cooper

Hello, I’m Stella’s brother, good to see the old photo’s of our days at Woolworth’s, I’m still in Rushden after 60 years, anything you want to know get in touch, Ally Cooper.

Kevin Franklin

Absolutely brilliant web site. I particularly enjoyed looking at the Rushden scenery as it was when I was just knee-high to a grasshopper. Keep up the good work Joyce, you’ll bring a lot of happiness and fond memories to a lot of folks, Kevin.

Gary Ashby

Hello from Rushden, Bloomfield close.. just off Glassbrook road. nice to see the old town as it was, thanks, Gary.

Daryl Chambers

Now living in Rushden, Hi Joyce, excellent site, I combed through the North End photo’s [1952] and found my mum Valerie Burt.

Laurie [ Lawrence ] Steele

I moved from Rushden to Norwich, with my wife, [a Wellingborough girl], 25 years ago. I have a sister, Irene who married Eugene Butler, a dental technician based at Chelveston. Gene has since died, he tried to teach me to play golf on the grass area beneath the base radar dishes, my girl friend and I, [now my wife], also bowled at the base. The last time I saw Verna, featured in your photo’s, she was the owner of a popular refreshment stall at Wellingborough market, this was about 6 or 7 years ago. It’s not just the girls who would like to hear from old school friends. Great site, keep it up, Laurie.