Gals who now live in North America

Here are messages that were left by gals who came to the U.S. and where they live now.

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Lana [ Powell ] Derrick    New York

Hi, my name is Lana [ Powell ] Derrick. I went to North End school and my friends were,
Verna [ Crossley ] Turner, Marion Francolini, Pearl Giles and Sandra Head.
I moved to the United States in 1965. I lived in Rushden from age 10 to 20,
thereafter Kettering until 1965.
I was so happy to come across your site and have already contacted four friends from the past.
Unfortunately, one e-mail did not work, Mary [ Smith ] Brooks, I hope she spots my message
and gives me a shout. [ if you see this Mary, Joyce needs a new e-mail address. ]
I have missed Rushden so much, it was such a happy and enjoyable period in my life,
and I look back frequently and just smile.
Thank you for doing this wonderful walk down memory lane site…  it connects all of us and the
days of fond memories of our youth..   again thanks for the memories, Lana

Carol [ Pickering ] Steiger..   Pennsylvania

Love the new site, just wanted to update you on my husband Bill Steiger,
he was stationed at the 3914th squadron { OSI } April 1954, July 1955.
We married July 28th 1956 and will be married 58 years this month.
I lived at 73 Midland road, my brother Philip still lives in Rushden.
Sadly my two sisters Janet and Margaret are both deceased.
Thanks again, we really enjoy all the memories you have brought alive for all of us to enjoy.

Betty ( Bollard ) MacEachern..      Michigan, Florida

Love this site. I grew up on St Peters Ave., One of my pals was June Johnson. Her birthday is June 17th, I’m pretty sure. Her and I were the youngest in our class.
I went to North End Girls school, left England in 1955.
My sister Edna and I have always lived within walking distance of each other since we
left home. We now live part time in Michigan and Florida and have children and grandchildren in both places. If anyone out there remembers us please e-mail.

Marie [ Towers ] Mclamb..   North Carolina
I grew up at19 king ave Higham Ferrers’ I attended school at Higham and north end ‘ I worked for John White Shoes’ In 1963 I married a Chelveston airman CA[mac]Mclamb and we moved to north carolina where we still live ‘ We go to Higham every year to visit friends and family.

Mavis [ Ward ] Brock..   Mississippi
I’m new to the computer age, saw the Rushden site and enjoyed it so much, felt quite homesick even after all these years loved the old pictures, what a motley crew. I’m in touch by phone with Janet Minney and Pat Travill.. Other friends Val Dorks, Ann Gell and Marion Safford, sadly are not with us anymore, hope to hear from any old friends.. thanks Mavis/Pam

Joy [ Mawson ] Mayer..        Florida
I am from Rushden, I lived on Park Road and Gloucester Crescent attended North End school and Lady’s convent in Kettering. I left Rushden in 1965 and now live in Destin, Florida. I would like to make contact with anyone from Rushden, Thank you

Margaret [ Barker ] Carr..      Florida
I lived in Higham and went to North End school. from 1962 to 1966 I really enjoyed looking at the the old photo’s of Rushden and hearing what happened to people.

Betty [ Jarvis ] Lyons..        Ohio
I came to the States in 1962. from Wellingborough. My husband Joseph was at Chelveston from 1958 to 1962 We now live in Ohio.

Pat [ Clements ]          Florida
My maiden name is Pat Clements. I am originally from Finedon. I married a G I from Chelveston in 1961 and now live in Ocala Florida.. I would like to hear from anyone who grew up or lived in Finedon.

Joan [ Drage ] Branson.. Indiana
Was introduced to your site by an old friend of mine Veronica Wojewoda. She told me about the passing of Bobby Lee. I would love to correspond with Joyce Hall. I lived in Wellingborough until 1962, when I married Tom Branson,. We now live in Indianapolis,. We remember Hank Howard and Peter Rush and would love to hear from them

Marian [ Clarke ] Lucas
I got this site from Maureen [Seward ] Hunt…. Just been going through the photo’s and some faces I remember and a few names. I was born in Park Road Rushden in 1938 and went to Newton road school. Moved to St Peters Ave., and to North End school.. I worked at C W Horrels, before I came to the U S in 1960. My husband was stationed at Chicksands. My parents passed away, but my Brother John Clarke and his wife Joan live near Thrapston, I just came back from the UK, on October 28th.. I have enjoyed looking through the photo’s and seeing old school mates, even if we are getting older, their faces bring back some happy memories and good old Rushden will never fade from our hearts.

Anita Sinclair.. Georgia
Joyce, your web site is great, brings back so many memories. I am from Wymington and now live in Atlanta, Georgia.  I came to the US in 1972, my maiden name was Simmons, My husband Scott’s father was stationed at Poddington during the war.. he married a local girl, whose father Reg Wright ran the Feather’s in Rushden, I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Sheila [ matty ] Matson, Frantz Shepard.. Arizona
I just love your site and wish I had found it earlier. I was born in Raunds and attended Wellingborough High school for girls. I worked at the National Provincial bank in Rushden for awhile. Then I worked at the PX at Chelveston, which is where I remember most of the names from, they all sound so familiar. I married a GI from Chelveston and we moved to Minnesota in 1957.. Then moved to Phoenix Arizona in 1971, my husband has since passed away and I have remarried. I would be so happy to hear from old friends who may remember me as we all know, old friends are the best and truest we have in our lives.

Dawn [ Wiggins ] York.. Texas
I am from Rushden.. I married Chuck York in April 1960. He was stationed at Chelveston from 1957 – ’61.. He was in the Air Force for 32 year, he retired in 1989. to Abilene Texas. We did visit my mum last March and had a really nice time. Of course we visited the Rose and Crown. We would like to hear from anyone who remembers us.

Liz [ Brown ] Finochio.. Colorado
My daughter found this website for me.. and I am wondering if anyone remembers me. I went to Newton Road school…I grew up on Hove road.. My brothers name is Dave Brown.. my parents names were Eric and Emily Brown. The photo’s brought back wonderful memories.I attended North End School. I married an American.. [ not a serviceman ] named John Finochio in 1963. We have three children and 6 grandchildren. We lived in California for 36 years… recently retired and moved to Colorado in 2004. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.. I am coming to the Rushden area in September 2005.. and I can’t wait!!

Brenda [ Holyoak ] Marshall Massachusetts.
I married George Marshall…. 42nd TRS from Spangdahlem… to Chelveston. Marian [ Safford ] Mosby Dear old school pals!! There are a few of you I remember quite well. Margaret Hulatt.. Joyce Smith.. Mavis Collins. do hope to hear from some of you. It’s great to see those snaps from 1954.. Good job. My husband Jerry came over to Chelveston from Germany in 1959. We retired from the Air Force in 1978 and now live in Indiana. Happy Valentines to all.

Marian [ Swingler ] Miller.. Texas
I was born and raised in Higham Ferrers… and attended Wellingborough High School. My husband Mike.. and I enjoy the site and hope it continues to grow with more information. We now live in Virginia My sister.. Jill [ Swingler ] Gunnels. now lives near Houston Texas.

Mavis [ Collins ] Lancaster.. South Carolina
Loved the website. Would love to hear from any old friends. Presently live in Union. S.C.

Marlene [ White ] Pariseau.. Wisconsin..
Glad to be part of the group… my mother and sister… Brenda White.. are deceased now. so I really love to hear from old friends from Rushden. memories are still with me.

Enid [ Rockingham ] Perry.. California..
Loved this site… and really enjoyed the pictures.. I remembered all of them. I was born and raised in Rushden.. born at 60, Tennyson Road.. then lived with my grandparents on Allen Road.. [ the Shatfords ] then moved to 62, Blinco Road. I left Rushden in 1959…would love to hear from any of my old friends. who moved away.. or still live in the Rushden area.

Debra [ Belcher ] Johnston…
I left Rushden in 1969.. to move to the USA with my family. I had a good friend named Jane Anderson. also Christine Jones and her brother Gary Jones.. My boyfriend when I left England was Anthony Knight. I would love to hear from you.

Angela [ Shrubb ] Reza… Nevada..
I used to live in Irchester.. left in 1964… really enjoyed all the old photo’s of the old pubs I used to frequent. I used to dance the night away at Chelveston N. C. O. club. Have many fond memories… I was recommended to this site by Shirley Phillips. How much fun is this!!. I used to live at 51, Prospect Ave.. does any one remember me?.. Would love to hear from anyone that might know me… See you on the web… TaTa for now… I now reside in Las Vegas. been here since I left good old Irky.

Christine [ Woodhams ] Smith… Nevada..
You have done a fantastic job on the site, Joyce. I have three photo’s of a school trip to the docks in London. when the school adopted a ship. I don’t know how many can remember it now, but it was good fun. I recognized so many names and faces in the school pictures.. but unfortunately I couldn’t put them together properly. I think I do have a few for you that are ok…. I was in Cavell house with Paulette Smith and Marjy Butler. and would love to hear from them. or anyone else who can remember me.

Gillian [ Walding ] Romesburg. Nevada.
Just found your site thanks to Janet McDonald. I live in Las Vegas with my 2nd husband and left Rushden in 1962. I grew up in Newton road.. lived opposite the school… I have traveled the world due to 1st husband being in the military.

Frances [ Muir ] Anderson… Utah.
I left Burton Latimer in 1963.. for Langley AFB Va., I was secretary at the NCO club at Chelveston 1959 – 1962.. Presently my husband is working at Hill AFB… before that I lived in the Sacramento area for over 20 years. My previous husband was Bob Maxey.. he was stationed at Chelveston.. I have three sisters, Rona, Ruby and Valerie… Rona married Thomas Chrismon from Alconbury in 1960 .. and now lives in North Carolina.. I have just met Janet Burdine and her husband Bill. We are both going back to England for a holiday in September.. My friends are Barbara Ellerby, who married Kurt Kuyath from Alconbury.. Peggy Hull, who married Bobby Lee [ Alconbury ] Jennifer Smith.. etc., and they all come from “Burton for certain”!!! Hope to hear from someone.

Janet [ Macdonald ] Burdine…. Utah..
I lived in Portland road.. and still have family in Rushden. Worked as secretary at Chelveston 1960 – 62. married fireman Bill Burdine in Germany…and now live in Salt Lake City. Love the site… would like some contacts of old friends, e.g. Paul West mentioned Capt., Olshaski.. I knew Missy and her husband Bill Swann.. lost contact… the family lived close by me.. Knew Joyce and Tom Bond.. sorry to hear about Tom… Would love to hear from anyone from Rushden or surrounding area… I have two children, Steve and Alison.. Steve went to Chelveston school in 1975. I lived in Rushden at that time for one year.

Shirley [ Thacker ] Bounds.. Oregon..
I’ve been enjoying this web site for months… and it’s time I said “thank you, for all the work you put into it”. If anyone out there remembers me.. and would like to be in touch I’d love to hear from you.

Joan [ Loveday ] Beard… Nevada..
I received your web site information from a friend and passed it on to my English friends in the U.S.A…and thought it about time I added my name to your list… I married Al Beard in September 1954.. at St., Peter’s Catholic Church… We have four children and eight grandchildren… All the grandchildren are with us in Vegas.. at the moment. the two from Texas usually spend the summer with us. and six of them.. and three of my children.. also live here.. I keep in touch with Enid Rockingham.. Barbara Potter.. and Marian Swingler. and, of course my sister… Pamela Loveday. Absolutely love this site!!. Thank you.

Judy [ Corbett ] Perszyk.. Washington state..
I lived in Rushden from 1935 – 1956. attended North End County Modern. I was the oldest of five. Jacque now lives in Australia.. John in Arizona. Jeannette and Patrick Wentworth in Wales.. Mum and dad are both deceased.. I still visit the U.K. and am good friends with Pam Loveday.. her mother is still living in Rushden. Does anyone know Dick Groom?.. believe he has a pub in Wellingborough.. I’ve been here in Port Angeles. for 41 years.. would love to hear from old friends.

Barbara [ Potter] Baker Florida..
I lived on Fern road and left there in 1955… when I came to America with my husband… All these years I have kept in contact with my good friends… Marian [Swingler] Miller and Joan [ Loveday] Beard… who also married around the same time I did.. I now live in Venice Florida and love it… but will be moving to another house next month.. due to my husband Don’s illness… this time to a small villa.. as the pool and garden were getting a bit much for me.. This is a beautiful spot to live… one we chose.. He spent 30 years in the Air Force .. I would love to hear from anyone… maybe there are more. Northant’s transplants here in this area… I belong to a British group… but no one there is from my area of the country.. I am so glad that Joan sent me this web site and I shall check it often.

Joan { Chettle } Kiesow.. Oregon
Left Rushden in 1955.. now live in my late husbands home town of Bend Oregon. I try to get back to Rushden once a year. I now live in Oregon After sending my first message looked thru the rest of your site. Excellent job.. and was interested to see my brother – in – law John Payne in your pals section. He married my sister Audrey and they celebrated their ruby wedding in October.

Mae { Coles } Jarvais.. New Jersey
When I lived in Rushden my last name was Coles. I left Rushden in 1946 and moved to New Jersey USA., where I still reside. Alan Patenall, from Rushden put me in touch with you.

Joan { Delamare ] Peterson.. Ohio
Stella of Phoenix said I should visit your site. My mother was born in Rushden, I now live in Ohio and I was in -and – out of Rushden most summers thru childhood and lived there twice during W W11 – worked for U. S. army at Melchbourne / Risely in 1944 – 45, secretary to C O of armament unit 2003rd Ord.,Maint.,Grp., we still have reunions in the U.S.

Christine Alson.. Connecticut
I left Rushden when I was 8 years old and live in Connecticut I used to live on Hove road, my godmother is Joan Cowen..

Laurel { Hector } Murray.. Ohio
I love the web site, I’m in Toledo, I have three grownup children. and five grandchildren. Originally from Higham

Tanya { Alson } Somero.. Connecticut
Great site, nice job. I’m Jeff Alsons sister. I have been in the U.S.A. for the past 39 years, I live in Connecticut good luck

Gweneth [ Lord ] McRoy.. California
I lived at 18 Cromwell road in Rushden from 1939 to 1956… My parents.. Stan and Nellie Lord.. owned Lord’s taxis and buses. My sister Jose.. and I attended Newton Road and North End schools. I married an American.. have 3 children. 2 grandchildren. 3 wonderful dogs. and now live in Northern California. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER ME!!! My close friends were. Rita Smith [ the milk mans daughter ] and Hilary Denton [ her family were friends of H E Bates. My son and I will be visiting Rushden and Northampton for ten days [ Sept 12 – 23 2004 ] This will be a very special trip for it is my first time back in over thirty years.

Mavis { Tew } Bracelin.. Iowa
I left Rushden in 1954 and am now living in Des Moines, Iowa Just spent three months in Rushden, saw Gill Kearsley while I was there, had a lovely time..

Gwen { Drage } Keister.. Pennsylvania
I am from Irchester and used to baby sit for June and Joe Debell.. You look very familiar.. we will probably remember each other when we meet

Gillian { Enfield } Neilsen.. Ohio..
I lived in Kettering when I married my husband Wayne, who was in the military police at Chelveston, 1959 – 1962. We came to the U. S. in 1962. We have lived in Ohio since then.

Carol { Pickering } Steiger..  Pennsylvania
Hi, I left Rushden in 1956. I now live in Bucks Pennsylvania U.S.A I remember lots of the girls in the school photo’s also Miss Boys [ she was so lovely ] Irene Turner, Margaret Turner, to name a few.

Joyce [ Smith ] O’Conner.. Texas, N. Dakota..
I am the sister of Paulette Smith.. pictured in three of the photo’s. My friend for my entire life.. Mavis [ Collins ] Lancaster sent me the web site. What a great web site… thank you for your effort and inspiration to do it. I am sure it will please many others as it did me.

Rose { Wallis } Weber
Don’t know how you got your ideas for your site, but they are super

Shirley { Phillips } Denn.. Washington
Hey Joyce, boy does it bring back some memories. Hope to see some faces I know and some from Irchester..

Mavis [ Ward] Brock.. Mississippi..
Living in Biloxi Miss… Coming home for a visit to Rushden mid May 2002… Staying with her brother Cliff and family.

Susan Gail Williamson… Canada…
I have changed my e-mail address to the one above… anyone who remembers me or went to North End school.. between 1957 – 1961.. please write.. Grew up at 22, Albion place. Went to North end school 1956 – 60. Best friend of Marian Percival of Higham and Janet Bayes of Harboroug road. Went back to Rushden and Wellingborough in 1996… ran into Miss Wilson [PE teacher] who now owns and runs her own toy shop.. [with her husband] on High street. Hoping to be back in Rushden for 2 weeks in June 2002. Would love to get in contact with  nyone we hung out with in 1957 – 61 at which time I married a G I and moved to Memphis TN., Left for Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1976. Am the proud mother of three daughters and five grandchildren, who all reside in the U.S. Will check backee who has been added. It feels like a trip home..

Margaret [ Burden ] Lett.. Tennessee
Think your web site is great, hope you have a lot of messages from people who have known you in the past.. I’m so glad we’re cousins, keep in touch, all the best…

Jill { Stella Cooper } Wagner
Web site is looking good gal, hope to see more faces I know soon…

Margaret { Hulatt } Sampson
Great job Joyce, keep going…

Janet [ McDonald ] Burdine.. Utah
I have moved and changed my e – mail address I lived in Rushden and married a fireman Bill Burdine, who was stationed at Chelveston, 1960 – ’62 I now live in St., George, Utah, which is 2 hours north of Las Vegas, Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me, I have brother’s and sister’s who still live in Rushden

Joyce [ Warner ] Wade.. Delaware
I thought I’d start it off, ha, hope you enjoy the site.. Now you can read the newer ones first.. ~ Delaware