Other friends who emigrated

Messages from friends who emigrated from the Rushden area.

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Jill Cox
New Zealand
My name is Jill Cox, married to Malcolm for 55 years. Both originally from
Rushden. Emigrated to New Zealand in 1980, been here ever since.
I went to North End girls school, Malcolm to Rushden Boys school, then worked
at Technic Shoe company as a clicker years ago. Happily retired now. Living
in Dunedin, South Island, enjoying our 3 grandchildren and 2 gr – grandchildren.


William Jones
I like your web site, it’s very interesting. Does anyone remember a lady called
Janet Parker, from the 1960’s?. Her husband was called David, I was just curious
where life took them and if they are okay. They have probably long left the area.
I haven’t seen either since the mid sixties, as I now reside in Canada. 

Michael Sanders
South Australia
I was born in 1944 and lived at The Shrubbery, Denton Close and Prospect Ave., until
emigrating to Australia in 1965. I attended Alfred St., school, followed by Wellingborough
Grammar school from 1955 to ’65.
I would like to hear from anyone who may have been in my class and also from Brian Smart, who taught me so much when I worked with him at Thornton bakers in the High Street.

Rick Collings
Quebec Canada.
Hi, Firstly, having just come across your site, can I say how fantastic it is to look at the town where I grew up. I lived there from when I was born in 1964, until I left for work elsewhere
in approx., 1985.I used to visit friends there , up until I moved to Canada in 2012.
Many thanks again for the site, Ex Rushden, Rick Collings

Grant Long
I came across this site while typing in searches about my father Eric Long a former Irthlingborough Diamonds player and Rushden Town player. In 2003 he was one of the remaining few at their reunion. He is now in his 80’s and suffering from dementia. I was searching for items to jog his memory.
I was born in Irthlingborough, my family emigrated to Australia when I was 11, we came home after 3 years, first to Rushden, then Norfolk.
I remember fondly going to Wellingborough zoo and the ABC cinema there, most Saturday mornings, while my parent’s shopped. We used to get in for 3d and 3d bought ice cream etc.,
I attended Rushden Boys school, before it was merged and then knocked down as I discovered on a trip back there. I never followed my father’s passion for football, instead played rugby for the school and town.
I have fond memories of Irthlingborough and Rushden and visiting family in Finedon and working in Wellingborough before I myself went abroad to work in what was West Germany.
Sincere and kind regards, keep up the good work.


Dorothy Bateman
I am thrilled to see a photo of Ebenezer Terrace on the web site.
#15 is where I was bought up. I wonder if the couple leaning on the fence in your photo were relatives of mine.


Carol Hutchins Gardner
I am trying to find out about my ancestors in Rushden
named Elizabeth and Walter Hutchins. The last information I have is from 1905 when they were living at 1, Station road, If anyone has any information on the family please e-mail me.

Scott Williamson
Born in ’51 and lived at 22, Albion place, Rushden, until Dec., ’63 My sister Susan Williamson married an airman from Chelveston.. Lavearl Beaty jnr., Now living in Vancouver

Yvonne [ Harris ] Hearn
I grew up in Earls Barton and was only twelve when we left to come to Canada. I came back when I was 16 and lived in Rushden. I worked at Chapman’s box factory.. I would like to hear from girls I worked with.

Norman Kimber

I was going through some old photo’s and found a a couple, that belonged to my dad. He was the manager of the Royal Theatre cinema, during the 50′s. I am a big fan of the web site.

Herb Harbour

Hello from Victoria BC. I now have a new e-mail address. My father emigrated from Rushden to Canada. and I have been trying to find any descendents of their family who may still live in the Rushden area. [ info on lost and found page ]

Jane [Sanders ] Murphy

I was born in Rushden in 1946, then emigrated to Australia in 1965. I am making my first return to Rushden next May. I was hoping to rediscover the town on foot instead of using a car but have been unable to find any hotels or other accommodation in the town. If anyone knows of anywhere in Rushden, or Higham Ferrers where my husband and I could stay, please get in touch, thanks.

Margaret [ Bugby ] Goodwin

Congratulations on the website, it’s been great to reminisce. I was pleased to see a message from Dave Seabrook and his memories of Chelveston. My then boyfriend and I used to go there in the late 50′s and early ’60′s with Dave and his wife and their little daughter Sandra. The men would go skeet shooting and afterwards.. we’d enjoy a big juicy porterhouse steak. Don’t know if it was the cooking or the meat, but it sure tasted better than the English ones at that time. Keep up the good work,

Jennifer [ Nicky ] Nicholson

I attended Alfred St., and Rushden Girls School until 1962. Have lived in Australia for the past 30 years, now in Adelaide. I went to college to obtain a degree in Mental Health specializing in Psychosocial Rehabilitation. I have three wonderful children, one of whom helped me found the 1st organization for Young Carers of single disabled parents for which we received 3 awards.. and won the battle with the government to assist Young Carers on the same basis as Adult Carers. I have returned to the UK 3 times, Saw Carolyn Munsey on here, what about Pricilla. also Dave from the flower shop. I’m still in touch with Chris [ Harbour ] Underwood. of Griffith Street.. Yes I remember jiving to the Sapphires at the West End and the Band Club.. Anyone know the whereabouts of Pam Willgress. formerly of Spencer Road. I would love to hear stories from old school pals. My dearest friend Margaret Mitchell [ Midge ] passed away, I miss her dreadfully we never ever lost touch.

Roy Peasnell

I was born in Rushden and lived at 5, Ferrers Close and 96, Newton Road. My father Jack was the caretaker. I have a brother David and sisters Irene, Janet and Pam. I have lived in Sydney since 1975. It would be nice to hear from anyone who remembers me or my family. I look forward to hearing from any of you,

Robert [ Bob ] Thacker  Judy [ Dodd ] Thacker

We were both born in Rushden, I lived in Coronation Avenue and Highfield Road and attended Alfred St., and Tennyson road schools. Judy lived in Cromwell road and went to Newton road and North End. We emigrated in 1972 and now live in British Columbia. We have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Anyone remember us?

Trevor Harris

Hi, you have a great site.. I was born in Rushden in 1943. our family lived on Upper Park Avenue, 6 children. We are all in Canada, our parents have passed away We came to Canada June 15th 1957.. My wife and I go back to England as often as we can,

Norman Kimber

Hi, I was raised in Higham Ferrers circa 1942 – 1955 and I left to join the Royal Navy at age 15
We lived on the new estate, 84, The Hedges. I went to school in Higham and to Tennyson Road. I transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy in 1958 and still live in Nova Scotia. My dad was the manager of the Royal [ Electric ] Theatre, Rushden. I had a quick overnight visit to Higham in 1998. and hope to visit again next year. In the off chance anyone remembers me, I would love to hear from you. Great Website!

Suzette Storey
I just found the site today.. It’s so interesting. I was brought up with Americans, as my mum and dad.. were Sandy and Theresa Storey.. they are both now deceased. It was great to read notes from people I remember. It was nice to read the comments about my parents. I have lived in Canada for 26 years now… but have happy memories of growing up in Rushden and baking cakes with Dick Harnish on a Sunday afternoon.

Bill Castle

Lived at 10 Meadow walk Higham, while working as Site Engineer for the microwave site on Chelveston Air Base. Am in contact with the boys who manned the site 1963 – 64.

Yvonne [ Harris ] Hearn

I grew up in Earls Barton and was only twelve when we left to come to Canada. I came back when I was 16 and lived in Rushden. I worked at Chapman’s box factory. I would like to hear from girls I worked with.

Maureen [ Clarke ] Coombe

I found this site today. I am on the 1952 North End school photo. Would like to hear from Carol Pickering. or anyone else who remembers me. I live in Brisbane now. My dad is 99 years old. and still lives in Rushden. Thanks for the memories.

We moved to Costa del sol. nearly five years ago. I have just discovered this site.. and it has really bought back memories [ and a tear in my eye ] Born in 1949.. I lived in the High street.
remember the row of terraced houses.. just before the old railway bridge until I was 16.. then we moved to Glassbrook road. I went to Alfred street school. and then.. To what I believe is Weavers. in Wellingborough Somebody might remember me as a DJ for Big Bob at the Nags head Wollaston Aah… those were the days… believe it or not I’m still DJing in Spain. I’ll check the site to see if someone remembers me.

Ray and Anita Holyoak

Ray lived in Finedon… and I came from Irthlingborough. We married in 1958.. and had 4 children We emigrated to the USA in 1970.. We have 9 grandchildren now, all live within 5 miles of us. Both of Rays parents have died now, Percy and Lillian. but his two brothers Gordon and Michael and his sisters Sheila and Brenda live in the USA. We welcome any news from old friends.

Joesy [Fasulo ] Mitro

Hello there… here goes my story.. I was born in Rushden.. February 7th 1962… and emigrated to Canada in 1967.. leaving me with very little memories. I have a twin sister Rose Anne. and a brother Mario Fusulo. he is 7 years older than us. so remembers a lot more. I used to live at 33, Alfred Street.. next door to Alfred Street School. which was separated from us by a brick wall. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

John Davison
New Zealand..
Marvelous site… I love all the stuff about the G.I.’s I was born in 1955. lived in Rushden all my life until Jan ’02. Now live in the Bay of Islands. Went to Newton road infants and juniors. Bert’s academy and Wellingborough Tech.. American V – 8 nut and general gear head. Be pleased to hear from anybody who knows me. Still a member of RHTS.. [ There’ll always be a station in good old Rushden town]

Tim Rogers
I grew up in the corner shop at 160, Cromwell road. which mum and dad ran from 1962 until around 1980. They have since both died. I went to Newton road junior school but have since traveled further afield and am now a New Zealand citizen.. living in Melbourne.

Roderic C. Neal [ Roddy ]
I came to New Mexico, in 1949, at 13 years old after finishing school, I farmed until 2000 when my wife and I retired. I lived at 99, Portland road.. also St., Peters Ave., [1944 – 1945 ] I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. from Alfred street school. and North End.. 1948 – 1949 I have a yard long photograph of the entire school with teachers and students either 1948 – 1949.

Malcolm and Jill [ nee Davison ] Cox
New Zealand
We emigrated to New Zealand in 1980.. live in Dunedin, South Island. Look forward to hearing from old friends from Rushden.

Paul Noerenberg
Great site! Used to live in Rushden.[ 7, Winchester Rd., ] then moved to Higham [ 2, Bryant Way ] finally to Raunds.. [ 8, Lawson St., ] Ended up in Western Canada in 1987. Went to school during Bert Catlins era at Tennyson road.. Heard it got demolished a while ago.. Do you know of anyone that has pictures of the old school. before and during demolition?

Barry Cooper
I am very impressed with this site. It brought back memories of places. I have not seen for 35 years since I moved to Australia, thank you very much.

Jillian Brinsley
I lived on Cromwell road… and went to Newton road school My parents Tom and Mary and brother Trevor. emigrated to Brisbane in 1949. dad passed away 12/05/02. I have just returned from a visit to Rushden where i met up with some old school mates. My sister Susan visited last year

Robert Batchelor
I lived in Rushden until 1965 when I went into the Merchant Navy and then I worked in Ghana. On my return in 1973 I moved to Scotland, and now live in Perth. But I will never forget my childhood.. youth. and friends. from my “mis – spent ill begotten youth”. :-}} I would be really pleased to hear from anyone I knew.

Shirley [ Harris] Leswell.
I didn’t go to the U.S.A. when I left Rushden. I went in the other direction Australia.
nice to find another site about Rushden.. I still get a little homesick. especially because my sister still lives in Rushden. By the way I used to be called Shirley Harris. I can remember going to the NCO club at Chelveston with [civvie] friends it was quite a lively place.

Barry Pidcock
New Zealand
I lived on Tennyson road and Coronation street in the 1950s. Alfred street school in the war years.. then on to Tennyson road school. Mr Willis, then Herbi Catlin.. were the headmasters at that time. I was one of a rough lot that the school was happy to be rid of a few names come to mind. They being Peter Warren, Dave Seabrook,[ who I met up with on my last visit to Rushden ] Colin Potts, Steven Harris, [who’s father ran a bakery on High St., south ] and a name that comes back from my time in Alfred St school; is Janet Judd. I married and moved to Bedford, in the 60′s. then in 1974 emigrated. Twenty years passed before I first returned to Rushden to visit family who still live there. I keep in touch with Dave, he told me of a class reunion held this year, which I have a photo of…. [ it’s on the group page } I would be interested to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Dudley Green
Maybe someone remembers me at High street south.. I remember Ken and Doug Joyce I have lived in the USA now for 20 years. Bless you. Dudley Green ” Auto electrical”

Paul West
I lived in Rushden from 1961 to 1987.. before that in the cottage opposite the Chequers in Yeldon, from 1953 to 1961. I loved reading your web page, some of the names rang a bell I think I may have gone to school with some of their kids now living in, Missouri.

Geoff Alson
We emigrated from Rushden in 1967. we lived at 30, Hove road. I’m in video production. What a great site. now living in. Connecticut.