Read G. I.’s messages

Messages from some of the guys who were stationed at Chelveston over the years.

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Vince LaGrone
Love this site, was with 2166 comm., sq., 1962- Dec., 1965. I’m still in touch
with a few old friends and my god – daughter in Rushden.
I live in Winchester, Tennessee. So sorry to learn some of the old friends have passed away. Tell Barney Howell to behave himself… Thanks

Mike Ratz

Hi, I was stationed at Chelveston August 1959 to August 1962 with the 42nd TRS
Now living in Fairfax Va., If anyone remembers Joseph D Mathews, he passed away in 
May 2017, he was a B – 66 mechanic and lived in Alabama.
Gerald Chrysler also died several years ago, he lived in California.
Appreciate the website,  703 – 834 -2110

Robert Adams

I was at Spangdahlem  AB., Germany from September1957 to August ’59 in the 42nd TRS. 
Then went to Chelveston RAF England when the squadron moved.
I saw the name of someone I knew, Mike Ratz and Gerald Cataldo,
and would like to get in touch with them to talk over old times.
 I have a picture of the Christmas party in the NCO club at Spang., 
Mike is in that picture and I would like to share it with him. If anyone knows 
how to get in touch with Mike I would like to hear from you, Thanks.

Barney Howell

Updating my info: Now live in Litchfield Park, AZ., 
married to Wendy [ Green ] her email
I noticed Cecil LaGrone is not on here, I left a message with him to update his info.
So happy the site is still here.

Wayne Kemp
I was at R.A.F. Chelveston, from April ’61 to August ;62, loved it!
Home phone is 6183459598, cell 6185674657,
Would love to hear from any of you guys.

Larry Pick
I made the trip from Spang., to Chelveston to TRAB. I was the 42nd Ops Clerk.
I recognize almost all the names of the B – 66 crews. Msgt. Fields and myself kept the
crew board behind my desk. Capt. Roehling was Ops officer at the time.
Capt., Don Firsching was the next one. I used to be able to name an entire 7 man crew from memory, but not anymore. I worked part time at the Airman’s club as cashier [ the guy behind the window ]. Whatever happened to Tito?. Remember those floorshows, great times.

Richard Lane [ Airman ]
Please link me to your site. I was stationed at RAF Chelveston from 1958 to 1961. I have tried in vain to contact a one, Bridget Cox and here’s hoping this site can help me. Also help me get in touch with old friends from the POL section, from this time frame. Thanks.

Timothy Daughenbaugh
I am the son of Leroy Daughenbaugh, Jr ( 54-0460. RB-66C, Feb ’62) and wanted to say “Thank You” for setting this site up. Thank you Hank Howard for all your hard work and thoughts.

Bill Castle

I was the Page Communications site engineer of the microwave site from 1962 – 63.During that time my family and I lived in Meadow Walk, Higham Ferrers. I e-mail Vince La Grone and several members of the microwave crew, but would welcome mail from anyone else I currently live in Adelaide South Australia.

Martin Duane Davis

I was stationed at Chelveston England from 1955 to 1957, then was transferred to Cranage. My fiance’ was Janet Gould from Wellingborough she had a daughter named Kay.

William [ Bill ] Viramontes

Hi. I was A/1c in the USAF. for 2 years at Chelveston, before being sent to RAF Cranage in early 1955. We supplied the 916th SCAWAF engineers with everything for building the air strip.. We worked base supply, where the big hangar was. Sqdn Commander was Major Francis Beatty, Capt Hayes was next our first sergeant was MacDaniels, NCOIC was Sgt Lane then Sgt Hill and Sgt Jerry, I was stationed at RAF Fairford 7522 Air Support Sqdn RAF Stansted. at Mt Fitchett where the airport is now. Before I went to Chelveston I was in the UK for 3yrs 4mths and 14 days. I married a lady from London in 1954 we’re still very happily married. Our first of seven children was born at Paddington hospital. My father in law had a shop in Marylebone, I now have a daughter who, with her family lives in Benfleet Essex, near Southend. I’ve been back to Chelveston a few times when visiting my wife’s family and visit our daughter and her family almost every year. Well. ta ta for now,

Carl T Reid
I was stationed at Chelveston, in the Air Police from 1956 to ’58, old friends send me a message at the above e-mail address.

Benjamin Banks
I was at Chelveston air base in 220th eng., aviation maint., co., [ army supply ]. I was a clerk at the hanger and was discharged at the end of 1953. I live in Pittsburgh Pa.,. I love to look at the website, but don’t see many army people on it.

Walter “Bud” Stolpa
Now living in Red Wing.. Was stationed at RAF Chelveston from November 1960 – November 1963. Was only 18 when I arrived there and sort of grew up at Chelveston. Was an AP. and went on to make the Air Force a career. I retired as a C/MSgt in 1984. I have a home page at that I invite you to visit. I am in contact with the following Air Police that were at Chelveston. David Johnson, Bill Faulkner, Roger Dixon, Bob DeCesare, J L C Smith and Bob King

Dave Malinger
I was at Chelveston from 1957 through 1959 and worked in personnel. I married Jean Richardson from Wellingborough. Most enjoyable 3 years of my life.

Max Myers
The site is very interesting, I was stationed at Chelveston with the 817th Engineer Btn., from early 1955 to 1956. I was then sent to Cranage and the 620th Maint., Co., for the rest of ’56. Some friends that came with me were, William Schooler, from Montana and Eugene Wichman from Montana. At Chelveston I worked in the Battalion Maintenance office for Captain Cunningham and Capt., Wallace.. All three of us returned to Fort Lewis for discharge in November 1956.. I returned to England in 1986 and visited Wellingborough and Chelveston.. It was a British military base with signs that said intruders would be shot. I stayed at the Hind in Wellingborough… Schooler and I played on the base football team in 1955. So much fun in them days of our youth. I now live in Port Angeles WA.

Richard H “Bob” Mearns

II reported to the 32nd at Spangdahlem in March 1959 and rotated from Chelveston in June 1961. I re – entered the AF in March of 1962 and was initially stationed at Sewart AFB Tenn. I was with various models of the C130 [ A,B,D,D-6,E ] as a crew chief and F-E, IF-E, until August of 1973. I cross trained into computer maintenance and was stationed at Carswell AFB Texas until my retirement August 31st 1978 with the rank of M/Sgt after 21 1/2 years. I was hired by General Dynamic’s Lockheed just across the highway from Carswell and retired from there June 1st 2007 after 28 1/2 years.. I had hoped to make it to the B66 and 17th [ 130 ] reunions, however a triple bypass and spinal injury put the brakes on that. I’m sure planning for the next one though. I have friends in Rushden / Higham Ferrers that I correspond with. I’m book marking this site for sure.

Paul Allred

I thoroughly love your web site, brings back many memories. I was stationed at RAF Chelveston in ’62/63. I worked at the Micro – Wave Site. Thanks for putting this site up and doing a fantastic job.

Dannie Johnson

I was stationed at Chelveston in 1960 – 61. I was a bombnav [ K5 ] tech and transferred in from Schulthorpe. I worked on the EB – 66 A/C.. I have many fond memories of the Rushden area and of the Feather’s pub.

James D Eubank

I was stationed at Chelveston from 1958 to 1961 and worked in Base supply. I lived in Wellingborough on Knox road.. I now live in Richmond Kentucky. I remember the names Jimmy Christmas, Burl Diggs, [ married Sally ] Freddie Hankins, Jim Hall, Eck.. I’d like to hear from anyone who’d like to e-mail me.

Vince La Grone


I am in touch with Dave Seabrook in Rushden.. Does anyone know if Leslie is still living there. If anyone remembers me I’d love to hear from you.

Phil Scarry

I was assigned to the 10th CAMS Aero Repair shop at Chelveston from April 1960 to about September 1961 when we went to Toul. I now live in Palo Cedro California. What a great web site, it brings back many memories.

Raymond Albright

I was stationed at Chelveston from 09/53 to 12/54 In the 817th EAB SCARWAF Hq Service Co.
as a welder and machinist.. We built the runway… I still remember the dances in Wellingborough on a Saturday night and pooling our money to get back to base by taxi.. as the last bus left at 10 pm.. the greasy chips wrapped in newspaper.. there were were no snack bars or McDonalds then. would like to hear from old buddies, I’m now living in Hernando Florida.

Ted L. Daniel

From September 1953 to early spring 1954, I was in SCARWAF (Special Category Army With Air Force) and stationed at RAF Station Chelveston in the 817th Engineer Aviation Battalion. SCARWAF troops were paid by the Department of the Air Force andwere “in” the Air Force except for courts martial jurisdiction at the closest Army installation. At the end of their tours. SCARWAF troopers were reassigned to the Department of the Army and shipped to an Army post somewhere in the world. In the 817th, although school trained to work in an Army Corps of Engineers supply room,I was assigned to its Headquarters, Headquarters and Service Company as battalion personnel clerk for Company C. While in the 817th, I co-directed and emceed a battalion GI talent show entitled “The Mudcapades of 1953.” The talent show was the brainchild of 1st Lieutenant Robert J. Wallace, the 817th’s personnel officer. In 1954, I was reassigned to the Dept. of the Army and become a radio announcer on the American Forces Network (AFN), part of the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service, (AFRTS), with studios in a castle on the Main River at Frankfurt/Hoechst, Germany. The castle dates back to the 13th century. I remember our nighttime treks along mud-covered Chelveston sidewalks from Quonset hutsto the taxi stand near the gate and jaunts to Rushden, Wellingborough and especially to Bedford. London, too, on weekends. No matter how carefully you walked to the main gate, mud spots would get on your pants legs. Most guys carried a small brush in their pocket to the taxi stand so their could brush out mud spots on their going-to-town clothes after they got to town. For the last 43 years, I have lived in Maryland. I retired in 1991.

Bill Castle

I was the Page Communications site engineer of the microwave site from 1962 – 63.. During that time my family and I lived in Meadow Walk, Higham Ferrers. I e-mail Vince La Grone and several members of the microwave crew, but would welcome mail from anyone else I currently live in Adelaide South Australia.

Pete Schuster

Stationed at Chelveston, Det., 1, 7518 Comm., Sqdn., during 1960.. and TDY to 4th Radio Sqdn., in French Morocco from Oct., to Dec., that year. 1st Lt., Northrup was the C O., Was sorry to hear that it closed in 1962.

Martin Duane Davis

I was stationed at Chelveston England from 1955 to 1957. then was transferred to Cranage.. My fiance’ was Janet Gould from Wellingborough she had a daughter named Kay.

Ron Teigen

I was stationed at RAF Chelveston AFB IN 1962. I am frpm Minnesota and was in the Fire dept., I have some pictures of some of the guys I was stationed with.

Pete and Joy Schuster

I was stationed at Chelveston, Det. 1 7518 communications sq., during 1960 and TDY to 4th radio sq., in French Morroco from Oct to Dec that year. 1st Lt. Northrup was the C.O. Was sorry to hear that it closed in 1962.

Pete Schuster

Stationed at Chelveston, Det., 1, 7518 Comm., Sqdn., during 1960.. and TDY to 4th Radio Sqdn., in French Morocco from Oct., to Dec., that year. 1st Lt., Northrup was the C O., Was sorry to hear that it closed in 1962.

Vince La Grone

Looking for anyone who worked at Chelveston RAF from 1961 to 1964 Have located a few guys but still missing a few. I worked in the 2166 comm., group. Was back in Rushden in 2007. it has changed so much.

Raymond Dickerson.

I was stationed at RAF Chelveston from April 1960 to mid ’62.. Then I transferred to Alconbury until February ’63.. I heard Chelveston is gone.. was searching the web for info when I came across this site. I spent a lot of time in Rushden, remember it well.. I dated Elizabeth Hall, from near Raunds, for quite some time, and frequented the Red Lion Inn in Raunds for 3 years. It was owned at the time by Bob and Edna Graham, their daughter was Gail. They were great friends of mine. I now publish an outdoor paper called the “Gad – a – bout” in Centerville Indiana. Have always wanted to return to England, but havn’t yet.

Frank Kekes

i just got done going though the website for previous servicemen who were stationed at Chelveston between 1959 and 1960.. I saw a photo of an airman by the name of Bostleman who looked familiar I played on the baseball team, pitching, during that period, His position was first base and he was in the Air police. If someone knows his whereabouts, or remembers me, I’d like to get in touch. Boy did that bring back old memories

Bill Garlick

I was stationed at Chelveston from September 1953 until January 1955 and was attached to the 817th eab Scarwaf co., A.. and ran a crane at batch plants for concrete and blacktop to build the runway. I liked Rushden and all the other towns and their dances. I still live in Philadelphia. I saw the old pictures of the base and it bought back fond memories.

John M Nuzzo

I live in Cochise county Arizona, I was with the 817th E A B Co C. from 1951 to 1954.. Hauled C Co., equipment from Fairford to Chelveston, in ’52. I can remember what the base looked like when we got there and the misery we had ripping out the old buildings. couldn’t get no clothing, but we had a good company of men.. I would like to know what happened to the 817 E A B.

Mike Ratz

I was stationed at Chelveston from August 1959 to August 1962. 42TRS Aircraft Maintenance office, worked for Tom Sumpter, Skip Jones. Worked with, Joe Matthews, Bud Hammond, Hank Chrysler. Ray [ Floyd ] Johnson, Gerald Cataldo, Roy Davis, [ saw later at Clark AFB ] Lynn Coffelt. Millard brothers, Chuck Thompson, Ken Schiebel, Gerry Sawyer. CMS Hargrove, CMS Palmer, Don Richards, Wayne Kemp, Jim Lightly, Jerry Lind, Jimmy Livingston, Don Newbern, Bob Mearns, Willard Cooper, Alun Pritchard, Phil Gumsey, Richard Adams, Bob Dunn, George Vargo, George Marshall, George Hoover, would appreciate any info on these and others

Bill Rogers

I was in the A. P squadron at Chelveston from 1959 – ‘ 61. I found your site trying to find an old friend P T Slocum. I married a girl from Leicester, Glenis Ellson on July 9th 1960 We now live in New Smyrna Beach, a little town of about 25,000 people south of Daytona Beach. We plan to visit Leicester in July and the church we were married in. I would love to hear from any of my A. P. buddies.

Jim Berg

I was stationed at Chelveston from 1959 to 1962. my family and I lived at 8, Link road in Chelveston. I raced stock cars all over the UK in 1960 – ’62, and really enjoyed my tour over there.

Ken Cassidy

What a great site you’ve established !!!!! I was stationed at Chelveston from 1959 – 1961 in the Fire department. Lot’s of warm memories. How many times did Sandy Storey get me back to the base on time. He was so good to all of us at Chelveston. Keep up this wonderful site and thank you!!

Joyce LaBarge Bryan

I was the first female USAREUR soldier. assigned to RAF Molesworth [ and England ] since WW11. I lived at RAF Chelveston. Raunds. Ringstead. Thrapston, Rushden. and Gomanchester. during my 5 – 1/2 year tour of duty in England. and have many friends in the area.

John and Kathleen Higgins

We lived in Rushden from 1961 – 1962 and were with the 42nd TRS.. at Chelveston RAFB.

Roger Aaker

I was stationed at Chelveston from 1954.. until transferred to RAF Cranage. I married Maureen Pretty, from Irthlingborough in 1955. Came back in 1957 to Ft Leonard Wood Missouri and then Minnesota. My wife’s relatives still live in Higham Ferrers and Rushden. Look forward to reading messages from others stationed with the 620 EAM Co., I was a cook while I was there.

Fred Cramer

I was a Lt,. Navigator with the 42 TRS at Chelveston from January 1960 to our move to France in Aug ’62.. I lived at the Manor House in Higham Ferrers.. [ Dr Cunningham ] Enjoyed your site and recalling the tragic events of the crash The navigator Dick Morris was a close personal friend.. and usher at my wedding June 17th 1961 in the old church in Higham Ferrers. Tragically he was later killed when his F – 100 crashed on approach into Myrtle Beach AFB., SC. [ not Shaw ] I look forward to hearing from old friends.

Herb Greene [ Hightower ]

I was 10th A & E Bomb – navigator.. 1961 – October 1962, beginning of the close down of Chelveston base. I lived on base with a host of people.. including, Bob Green, Chuck Meyers, [ radio ]. Lavan [ ECM ] em club host, Sgt Roberts [ ECM ] Jones [ LTJ ] ECM.. Now live between Orlando, Florida.. and Los Angeles, Cal. [ Good site ]

Charles E Summers [ Chuck ]

I was stationed at Chelveston 1960 – 1962, with the 42TRS.. I was a RB66C navigator. I lived at 16, James Street and on Northampton Road in Wellingborough.

James Hall [ Jim ]

I was stationed at Chelveston in the 50′s. worked in the parachute shop. Really enjoy the site. now live in Georgia.

Ken Rocheleau

I was stationed at Chelveston. and worked in the base photo lab. from 1955 – 1958.

Jack Riffe

I just recently became aware of your site. It’s Great !… Found photo’s of a lot of old friends. My name is Jack Riffe I’m already on the site. and I ‘m sure it’s the doing of Bud Fagan. he wasn’t the only photographer at Chelveston. I was assigned to the photo lab at the same time.
I married a Wellingborough gal… Anne Manning.. she worked at Chapman’s box factory. I also ran the base theatre and was president of the airman’s club for a time.

Claude “Buck” Rogers

It’s most enjoyable to revisit and see the updates and changes made by The picture of the AP with the glider pilot is great.. I recall that day very well as our fliight was on duty when the glider landed.. The A/1C AP IS Elwood Morton. Please note I have changed my e-mail address. I was getting too many unsolicited e-mails before. I continue to talk with Jack Eckersley weekly. Our search for Bartlett continues.. but with little to no progress. If anyone wants to contact Arend. I have his e-mail address and also phone #.

Carl H Weil

I came upon this site while surfing. I now live in Tallahassee. I was in the 620th Engineer Aviation Maintenance Company stationed at. Chelveston from the end of 1953 til the spring of 1955.. Our company was charged with the repair and maintenance of all of the construction. equipment used by the Engineer Aviation Construction Battalions under SCARWAF in England I was the mail and file clerk in the company orderly room. during the early runway construction years before the base was turned over to SAC. I enjoyed the site.

Mac McGowen

Stationed at Chelveston from 1957 until 1961. I worked in the base photo lab. I met and married a young lady from Wellingborough. We have been happy for 47 years. I have many fond memories of RAF Chelveston.

Larry Porter

I was stationed at RAF Chelveston from July 1961 until Aug 1962 when the base was moved to Toul – Rosieres France… I was in the 10th A & E Squadron working in the Airborne Radar section. Really enjoyed the countryside and the friendliness of the local communities. Visited the area in 1987.. but did not get a chance to visit Chelveston.. Sure wish I had taken the time now since the base has been completely closed since then. I now live south of Cape Kennedy.

Gerald Belanger

At Chelveston.. 1960 – 1963.. just about the time it closed down. postal clerk at the base post office.. APO 243. with Sgt., Mejia. I have been talking about a reunion at Wright Patterson AFB. in Dayton Ohio. maybe this year. 2005?? would like to hear from anyone.

Mel Begeska

Hi.. I was with the 817th E A B.. when we finished Fairford air base. we transferred to Chelveston got there in Sept 52 left in Nov.52 and home and discharge. retired in Florida now.

Richard [ Dick ] Arend

Was at Greenham Common from July ’56.. – Dec ’58. and then Chelveston from ’59 – ’61.. in the A. P.’s. Buck Rogers located me. and we still e-mail. I recognize a number of the names. I’m in Spokane Washington. would like to hear from anyone.

Vince LaGrone

Joyce, love the site and have located some guys stationed with me at Chelveston from March 1962 to December 1965. Thanks for the Site

Edward H [ Ned ] Monger

Hi.. from Central Illinois… I was stationed at RAF Chelveston from March 28 ‘ 62 to August 1 ‘ 62 I especially liked the Higham Ferrers – Rushden area and I would have liked to stay my 3 year tour there. But uncle Sam had other ideas and I went to France for the remainder of my tour. Nothing like England, I’m sorry to say.. I really liked pubbing and learning to play tennis. I remember buying a racket at Kettering.. My wife Flo and I have been back to the UK twice ’95 and ’97 she is an anglophile fortunately for me. In the early sixties I had hoped to meet and marry an English girl. She isn’t English [ perhaps more Irish ] but I’ll settle for what I have. May go back in a couple years. cheers!.

Wayne Kemp

LOVE! your web site… I was stationed at Chelveston from April 1961 till we moved to Toule, France in August of ‘ 62.. Have many fond memories of the Rushden / Kettering area and of course RAF Chelveston. I have a few photo’s and when I can scan them. I’ll get them to you. First went back in ‘ 76. still lots of buildings standing. no Q huts. but just about everything else… Went back in 2000. was nothing left but the first green building as you came through the gate. some chaps there redoing some old busses. returned again in 2003. the green building was still there.. and some towers in the distance. I wanted to walk out and aboutbut there was a bull and his herd in what is now a pasture [ where the runway was ] so I did not venture far. Still a lonely [ 12 O’ clock high ] place.. but as you folks say “quite lovely” would enjoy hearing from any and all of you. Thanks again for a wonderful web site. God bless.

Jack H Coleman

I worked in the AGE shop from 1959 – 1962. on the Chelveston Base. I live in Timmonsville, South Carolina now. I have left my daughters e-mail address for others to get in touch with me.

Victor J Ritze Jr

II was with the 817th EAB 1952 – 1954. I met my wife Gwyn Millard in Rushden. We were married and raised 10 children. she has since passed on. I have remarried and now have 19 children.. 72 grandkids. If anyone remembers us. please write.

Luis R. Raldiris


I was stationed at RAF Chelveston from 1959 – 1962. my wife Hazel [ originally from Northampton ] and I.. are now retired. living in Sun City West. Arizona. Where we take our English friends to such places as. Tombstone and The Grand Canyon.. Looking into the canyon.. is like looking into God’s face. Our love to all. and a hearty salute to Joyce’s web site. Dr. Raldiris. [ see RB66C info on the RB66 research. stories page ]

John Branz

I was stationed at Chelveston in the A /P Flight. I retired from the Air Force in 1984. I married Wendy Tomkins of Higham Ferrers in 1962. We have two daughters and three grandchildren. now living in Champagne Illinois. and Destin Florida.

Walter Pariseau

Me and my wife Marlene [ White ] live in Kenosha Wisconsin. I was in the fire department 1959 – 1962.

David Stewart

I was stationed at Chelveston during the years 1961 – 62. I worked in the 10th CAMS airframe [ sheet metal] shop under Sgt Osgood Denton.. I did not elect to extend my enlistment to go to Toul opting for a 3 month early discharge. I spent much of my free time in Rushden.. I have very fond memories and often think back to those times and wonder about some of the great people I knew. I would really like to hear from some of you. especially if you were in 10th CAMS. I am presently living in Parker. and am an elementary school teacher.

Fred Dietrich

II was stationed at Chelveston. August 1957 – Jan 1959… A/P squadron. Good friend of Jack Eckersley. Jack let me know where you’re at.

Richard [ Dick ] Harnish

I was at Chelveston 1957 – 1960.. A/P Squadron. I married Sue Heslop.. of Cotton Farm Ringstead. We’ve been married 43 years.. and have one son. We keep in touch with Paul and June Slocum.. Theresa and Sandy stood in for me at our wedding.. We were back several times. Mrs Storey passed away in 1994. I surprised her with a visit a few months before.. she was so happy. she loved all ” The BOYS” always made them welcome. Enjoy the web site and would be happy to hear from anyone.

David Fraley [A/1C ]

I was at Chelveston Jan ‘ 62 till Aug ‘ 62.. then we moved to Trab in France. I was a machinist in Field Maint. Sqd., with Virgil Jackson in the machine shop. A/1c Teniyack. a painter.. he also worked at the airman’s club. A/2c Happy Zietz. airframe mechanic. Thanks so much for this web site I visit it often. ta love.

Dale Olson

I lived at 62 Crab street in Rushden. in 1950 and 1961. My son was born.. while I was assigned at R A F Chelveston It’s a treat to see this nice site. I retired from the A F in 1975.

Mike Holmes

Was in the fire dept from 60 – 62 the B66 crashed.. and the base gas station burned down.during that time Married Pat Adams from Corby.. in ‘ 62 Still married 41 yrs later . Stayed as an Air Force fire fighter ’till ‘ 81. retired as a M/Sgt . joined the Calif., dept of forestry and retired as a Fire Capt the end of ’02.

Jim Haynes
Arrived ‘ 59 when it was SAC.. left 1962.. Does anyone remember Jim Berg and the red headed Sgt., from the hospital who raced stock cars.. I had some great times at the races even drove one a couple of times. Glad to hear from anyone who was there. I was in Civil Engr. [ on the flight line ]. Thanks for the website.

Alun Pritchard
I just found your site as a link in the B-66 anecdote page [ crash at Chelveston ] I was an enlisted serviceman in the 42nd TRS from the move from Spangdahlem. until August 1962.. when I went home to be discharged.. I will continue to look at other parts of this site for other connections. I live in Schenectady in case anyone is close by. contact me anytime.

Donald J Wilson

Stationed at R A F Chelveston England…1961 – 1962. worked in structural and crash rescue on flight line. fire dept.

Lynn Coffelt
Wow ! Wife Dora and I lived in Rushden from approx… Jul. 1960 until the 42nd TRS went to Toule Rosieres in 1962?, help me out here… One of our places was on Rushden street.. .and another on Wellington road.. The mobile fish fryer on Wednesday.. for fish and chips… wrapped in newspaper… was the highlight of our lives. Fall was special to me.. for the Brussel sprouts at 5d per pound… [ wife not crazy about them] but we don’t usually like the same stuff.. Where is our landlord? what is he and she doing now?, Gosh, that has been 40 years ago

Dianne [ nee Cheal ]

I was stationed at RAF Chelveston from July ‘ 60 to Jan 1963… I was an AP and married Dianne Cheal. from Rushden in April 1962.. We have found quite a number of guys we used to know and have been in contact already.. Thanks a million for putting all this together. Without this we would have lost contact forever. Dianne worked for Cox and Wright.. then Conway’s sand and gravel.. She was friends with. Val and Wendy Tompkins. Janet McDonald and Janet Garron. I retired in April 2002 from Reliant Energy after 33 years as head electrician in Sub Station Maint. I now live in Tomball near Houston. Would like to hear from any of you who remember us.

Bobby Loflin
I was stationed at Chelveston for a short time in 1959 when it was SAC.. and when TAC came in with the B – 66′s I was reassigned to Torrejon AFB Madrid Spain.. I left behind many good friends.. I noticed two on your web site.. # 1 Sandy Story,, who had a local taxi cab co., he was one of the most honorable and honest people I have ever met.. and I will never forget him or his wife.. as long as I live.. The picture looks just like I remember him.. I would appreciate any update.. # 2 Pat Clements.., I dated her when I was at Chelveston.. As you can see she was a very pretty girl and I was very proud to call her my girlfriend I’d also like an update on her… also a S/Sgt Bruce Dobbler.. I would appreciate any help you can give me to contact them… I live in Bakersfield

Robert [ Bob ] Lee

I was in the Security Police Squadron at RAF Chelveston from Nov 1960 thru June ‘ 64… My wife Peggy [ nee Hull ] worked as a telephone operator.. at the officer’s club and Open ranks club… Peggy and I came back to Galveston in March 2002.. but we are returning to Burton Latimer, England in January of 2003 for good… If any of you get to Burton Latimer look us up…..

Cecil [Vince ] LaGrone
While stationed at Chelveston from ‘ 62 to ‘ 64 I met Leslie.. in [photo’s of old pals ]… Is Leslie still in Rushden ?… Give her my e-mail address.. I love this site.. thanks… Vince..

Barney F. Howell
Wendy [ nee Green] Hello all.. Great site.. My wife is from Rushden… and has been in the US with me since 1967… I was at Chelveston from March of 1963 through 1967..when it was shut down.. so we lived in Rushden.. We were last visiting in England when Princess Diana was killed.. Got to see Dave Seabrook.. and took a look at Chelveston.. Hope to go back there soon.. Hope to hear from old friends.. and new ones too… We really love the site.. keep it up!.. I was contacted by a couple of old friends from here already! Thanks

Albert L Wise Sr.

From 1961 to 1964 I was the Base Fire Chief at RAF Chelveston… I worked with Hank Howard for a short period of time…

Ray Hunter

I was at RAF Chelveston from July 1958 until August 1959… I was a three – striper and worked for SMSGT Fred “Pappy” Watkins.. in the personnel office. I lived at 9, Griffith street in Rushden with my English born wife.. and son Brad… After Chelveston I went to college.. AFROTC pilot training…I retired from the AF in 1988.. I am now in my last month of working for the U of Michigan.. and live in Ann Harbor.. I visited Chelveston briefly in 1998… also visited the other bases I had been stationed at in the 50′s and 60′s… [ Sturgate, East Kirkby, Sculthorpe and Mildenhall ] Unfortunately, I don’t have any photo’s to share… Thanks for putting up the site…

Hugh “Gil” Gilbert

What a great site!.
I was at Chelveston from Dec., 1958 thru Feb 1961… In the Hdqtrs building I, just this year [2002] introduced my wife to England.. we spent 3 weeks in and around London.. she loved it and we are going back next year… I remember Maj McCallister.. Ray Hunter.. Jim Hall.. Joe Scalabrini.. Gene St Hillaire.. and Sgts Jones and Bullock.. Good memories.. Good people… Good site.. Thanks…

Gary Ulku
Pamela [ nee Farden.]
Just found out about your web page and wanted to get involved… I was stationed at RAF Chelveston from Jan 1962 until it closed… I was assigned to the fire dept there… I was one of the last people to leave the base, as we drove the remaining fire vehicles to RAF Alconbury… My wife is from Wellingborough.. I have been retired since July 1965 and currently live in Colorado Springs..

John P Walker

Stationed at Chelveston. from 1959 – 1962.. Lived in Wellingborough most of that time.Joined Wellingborough Operatic and appeared in three productions. Old and dear friend John Bridgeford passed away a year ago. He and his father Reg operated two pet stores in Wellingborough, more later

Casey Kanalos

Hi all, what a site!!!… All of you bring back some beautiful memories… I was stationed at Chelveston.. from 1959 to 1962.. I, along with Tito worked at the club..when I wasn’t at the base fire dept., If anyone remembers me.. please e-mail!!. I did go with Kathy [ Ginger ] Brown.. but I let her get away, [smile ] miss all of you!!!! Thanks for the site.. love it.. very much.. as I did England……

William H. “Bill” Starnes. Jr.

As an EWO in the RB – 66C.. I moved with the 42nd TRSq [E & W].. to Chelveston from Spangdahlem.. in September 1959.. I rotated in August ‘ 61.. I lived in Rushden…[ with my ex – wife Virginia] down the street from. Stan Tippin [with his ex- wife Shirley]. I now live in Knoxville TN., having retired in 1973 and still have a small CPA practice

Don R Baker

Barbara [ nee Potter]
Believe I arrived at Chelveston in 1953.. after helping to build… RAF Greenham Common… I was a S/Sgt and worked as Chief clerk in the commissary… Married a beautiful secretary who worked in base operations… We will have been married for 48 years next month… We returned to the U. S. in 1955.. I retired from the U S Air Force.. .in 1980… after 30 years. LT/Col U.S.A. F [ret].. We have 3 children, 6 grandchildren

Ed Apelzin

Arrived at Chelveston.. in November of 1952… when it was to be reactivated… A member of the 620th Engineer Aviation Maintenance Co., [ Army ]… Would love to hear from anyone who was there during the “early days”….

Michael Wetzlich

Now living in … San Diego.. Thank you for putting this site together.. I was the Area Commander at RAF Chelveston during 1998 – 1999…. I left the UK in Aug of ’99 and have been trying to get back ever since… I was stationed at JAC Molesworth. I retired from the navy last summer [01] and now work for TRW at SPAWAR in San Diego. I hope to plan a holiday to visit all my friends in Thrapston very soon…..

Robert “Bob” De Cesare

Now living in… Austin… I was stationed at R. A. F. Chelveston from 5 Nov. 1960 – Nov. 1964… This is something. They called me “Little Cesare” while I was stationed on the base… I married a girl from Italy.. we are planning a trip to the Rushden area in May.. Can anyone give me info on Rushden town and the Working men’s club.. I’d like to hear from any of you guys

Robert Reinecke

Hi all, I was stationed at Chelveston from Feb 1959 until June of 1960.. I then was sent to Alconbury and then to RAF Molesworth, where I stayed until Feb 1963… I signed up for an extra year tour.. I married an English girl in St Marys church Higham Ferrers… we divorced in 1975… I was in communications, I remember we used the quonset huts as barracks. Some of the guys would get hammered and do a number on the old oil fired pot bellied stoves!!… My buddy was Jim Martin and he worked at base ops.. I would like to also hear from some of the people who were over there… I drank at the Feathers, West end club, Queens Head, Railway and other assorted places, Bob

Charles T. “Hank” Snow
I was stationed at RAF Chelveston 1960 – 1962 until transferring to TRAB in France… I was with the 10th CAMS. AGE shop… Gary Fish told me about this site, it sure rekindles old memories, love the pictures…. It’s a great site, keep up the great work.. will return often… Cheers….

David Brandt
Now living in Santa Ana… It was great to find this WEB page. It brings back some great memories… I was there from Jan’ 59 through Jan ’60 when I was transferred to RAF Alconbury… That is where I finished my tour in the UK. For those who were with the 10th TAC Recon.. my father in law was John Karr who was the Wing Maintenance officer

Henry “Hank” Howard

Now living in Vallejo… Thanks for the wonderful website. Loved the pictures of the pubs… Was stationed at RAF Chelveston 60 – 64… I enjoyed the picture of The Globe in Wellingborough…. Played many games of skittles there and imbibed in a few pints and lager….. Also the picture of cab driver Sandy Storey, boy that was one out of the past.. He used to sleep in his cab and be on the road 24/7/365 to shuttle us boys back and forth.. Took many late night rides with him from the club.. taking some damsel home to Rushden or Finedon….

S. W. “Wayne” Kemp

Now living in St., Louis area…. Was stationed at RAF Chelveston from April ’61 ’til August ’62.. when we were transferred to TRAB in Toul France…. I was a mechanic in the 42nd TAC Recon squadron…. Have been back twice ’76 and again in ’00. Nothing left now, that you’d recognize… Just wonderful memories…..Married 36 yrs, 2 children – one in England working with civilian contractor, one in Denver with our first grandchild… Would LOVE to hear from any of you folks..

Wilbur V ” Hos” Hosman

Now living in Aurora… My wife Jean [ nee Knight ] was from South Ruislip…. I was at RAF Chelveston Jul 1962 until July 1964… I was a SSgt with the dispensary.. after the base was beginning to phase out…. Lt Col Widner was the commander. I was at RAF South Ruislip 1951 – 1954… We have 3 children, one born at RAF Molesworth…. My wife and I plan a trip back in Sept., 2002…. Would like to hear from anyone who was at Alconbury, Molesworth or Chelveston during the years 1961 until 1964.

Gary and Marion Fish

[Marion nee Saddington] Now living in E. Stroudsburg…. New e-mail address. Was stationed at Chelveston from Jan 1958 – 1962.. I was a cook in the mess hall and worked at all of the clubs…. Marion was from Raunds… We remember the Feathers and Working men’s, club, What memories!.. Love Joyce’s site and always checking in to see who else finds it…. Isn’t life GREAT !

Claude “Buck” Rogers

I was stationed at Chelveston from 8/57 – 8/60 as an Air Police… I’m the Rogers in the picture with Hamish and Bartlett… Over past several years I’ve located some of the A.P.s.. and also at one point several years back had rec’d a communication.. from a former base photographer [his daughter] wrote… Can’t recall his name I enjoyed the web site and was surprised.. to find several pictures of myself from so many years ago…. It was a great place to be stationed…. I returned to the U.S. and did 2 more years at Andrews AFB. MD,… was promoted to a/1c then after completing my 6 years got out…. I’ve lived in the D C metro area ever since as this was the area where I was raised

Jack Eckersley

Enjoyed the photo’s…. Brought back memories….. I now live in Tiverton.. Air police squadron, 1957 – 60

Bobby “Jesse” James

I was stationed at Chelveston from August 1957 thru August 1960…. I really enjoyed my time in Rushden, Wellingborough and Bedford… I think about the people I met and the places I was fortunate to see…. Those three years were three of the best years of my life!…. I am so glad to find this site.. Thank YOU!!!

Klaus Ueberschaer

I was stationed in Chelveston in 1958 – 1960 with the 42nd TAC Recon., Squadron… We had transitioned from Spangdahlem, Germany with the 10th Recon., Wing… when all RB-66 were relocated to Great Britain…. Our headquarters was located in Alconbury…. My wife and I lived in Kettering, nice place

Jimmy and Bettye Barbee

Living in Crestview…. Hello, we were stationed at R. A. F. Chelveston.. from November 1959 to 1962. Resided on Midland road [ over Wilford’s auction] Wellingborough… Have many dear friends in Wellingborough at Top Lodge farm, Side Gate lane…. Ran across your website at My…..

Lavearl Beaty Jr

Living in Memphis.. I was at R A F Chelveston from ’61 to ’64…. I served in the Microwave section.. of Communications…. Married Susan Williamson in ’61… We divorced in ’76. love your website. My friends called me “Buddy”. Hope to hear from some of you other “yanks”…..

Jeff Bounds

I was at Chelveston from ’54 to ’56. I married Shirley Thacker of Rushden in ’55. I was in the army and with the 817th engineers as a truck driver, we rebuilt the runway. I spent the last 8 months of duty at Molesworth. We live in Eugene, now.

Vince Wolski

Now living in Clearfield. Stationed there from 1957 to 1960. Worked in AGE shop. Married J. Sales from Raunds.

Jimmy and Bettye Barbee

Living in Crestview…. Hello, we were stationed at R. A. F. Chelveston.. from November 1959 to 1962. Resided on Midland road [ over Wilford’s auction] Wellingborough… Have many dear friends in Wellingborough at Top Lodge farm, Side Gate lane…. Ran across your website at My

Harold Lovely

Now living in Guilford.. Thanks for the site, it brings back fond memories. I was stationed at Chelveston from 1955 to 1959 in the Communications Squadron. Some of the faces on the photo page are familiar. I have some photo’s that I would love to have posted if you could tell me how.

Fletch Bolsover

Greetings!! I was TDY to Chelveston for 3 months in 1959, three of the best months of this old poops life… You made my day by showing the Palace cinema in Wellingborough across the street is the pub that I used to frequent.. I visited the area several years ago and got a shock to see the old airfield is gone except for an old hanger.. couldn’t find the pub, is it still there?. Your site is first class – nice job.

Don Updegraff

[Doreen nee Coleman]. Now living in Lancaster.. I was stationed at R. A. F. Chelveston from 1955 to 1959. I am married to Doreen Coleman from Windmill banks, Higham Ferrers. I was an Air policeman and had also worked at the Airmen’s club.

Jim Haynes

3914th Installations & 7541 ABGP, R.A.F. Chelveston, 1959 – 1962. Wonderful memories, much travel about UK. Retired A F M/Sgt, living in Melbourne.

Bill Fagan

Both Marion and Gary Fish are old friends as are numerous individuals in your photographs. Your site is wonderful, thanx for all your work.

William “Bill” Scheffel

I received an e-mail from Bud Fagan, he told me about the site. The site is great. I was at Chelveston from 1957 – 61, married Phyllis Taylor of Raunds.. we have 2 kids and 2 grandkids. Her sister Marge Abbott lives in Rushden. You may have known the best man at our wedding he was from Rushden. Sandy Storey [the cab driver]. does that name ring a bell.

Jack and Ann [Travill ] Belcher
I was stationed at Chelveston from 1953-56. Ann and I were married at St., Mary’s church in 1956 and came to the U.S. in 1959. We returned to Rushden in 1962 and lived there until 1969 then came back to the U.S. We have four children and fourteen grandchildren. We live near Knoxville Tennessee. I played quarterback for the Chelveston Cowboys during the 50s. It is such a joy for us to see your Rushden website.